What Your Bed-Making Style Reveals About Your Personality

updated May 3, 2019
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There are a lot of ways to make—or not make—a bed. And although even the most habit-oriented among us changes up our technique every once in a while, it’s safe to say we all settle into a regular rhythm when it comes to the way we manage our sleeping abode. But what, exactly, do our sheet-folding, pillow-piling, comforter-crumpling tendencies say about the ins and outs of our lives (and our personalities) as a whole? Well, kind of a lot. Here are eight different bed-making styles, and the major hints they drop about what makes us tick.

(Image credit: Tania Guerra)

Personality #1: Comfortably Crumpled

Contrary to popular opinion, opting out of making your bed in the morning does not mean you’re lazy, or that you’re not into setting a specific (read: energized, productive, and so on) tone for your day. Instead, it’s typically a better indicator of where you line up on the organization wheel—as in, you’re probably less about to-do lists, and more comfortable with clutter in general.

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Personality #2: Mostly Made

This style of bed-making involves making the bed—but only on a practical level. We’re talking sheets and covers pulled up, pillows generally in place, but no frills, folding, or tucking involved. What does this mean about you? That you prioritize function over form. You like to start the day with a clean slate, and know you’ll be able to end it without having to wrestle blankets back into alignment, and the most efficient way to accomplish both is a simple and utilitarian approach to making your bed.

(Image credit: Tania Guerra)

Personality #3: The Great Cover-Up

Making your bed in the morning is easy: Ignore the sheets and pillows, head straight to the surface, and simply pull your comforter over the top of everything. Voila! Bed, made. Those with this approach are likely more on the spontaneous side, and less dedicated to details. Instead, you take on to-do lists with a mixture of devil-may-care and determination. You’ll complete your tasks, but are more likely to do so with flourish than precision.

(Image credit: Tania Guerra)

Personality #4: Hospital Corners

Does your morning begin with making your bed, complete with neatly tucked hospital corners? We know a few things about you. First, you’re organized, and likely a planner. Second, you consider making your bed a task worth starting the day with, and you take pride in the project. And, third, you fully acknowledge that the little things in life, no matter how understated those details may be, matter.

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Personality #5: Style-Centric

Making your bed isn’t a process, it’s a production. Complete with immaculate sheets, styled pillows, and possibly even a carefully selected quilt folded across the foot of the bed. Sound familiar? Your bed-making style is closely linked to your deep dedication to details, and your focus on aesthetics. You probably pick pretty over practical, and your bed shows it beautifully.

(Image credit: Tania Guerra)

Personality #6: Mattress Minimalism

Your bed itself is simple (perhaps you even ascribe to a certain bedding trend that recommends the use of a fitted sheet and comforter only), which makes your bed-making process simple, too. You prefer a neat, tidy, clutter-free room, and aan equally neat, tidy, clutter-free home, and are highly organized, and possibly a little bit on the introverted side.

(Image credit: Tania Guerra)

Personality #7: Beyond the Bed

At the end of the day, you’ll collect your covers from their place crumpled up on the floor, but in the morning? No way. You have places to go, things to do—and you might even be running a little bit late for them. You’re among the most spontaneous (and probably extraverted) of the world’s bed-makers (or bed-making avoiders), and there’s no way something as detail-specific as a wrinkled sheet on your bedroom floor is going to get you down.

So, which one are you?