This Easy Home Decor Hack Makes Tablecloths Super-Budget-Friendly, So You Can Have as Many as You Want

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Nomita Vaish-Taylor's table set for a meal and using a wheat colored flat bed sheet as a tablecloth; closeup on the glasses and black plates with a pinecone as a place setting accent
Credit: Nomita Vaish-Taylor

Home renovations can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to budget — there’s never enough. Things always end up being more expensive than you think. With a few home renos under my belt, I know just how disheartening it is when the builders are finally gone, and you’re left with zero money to buy all those things you’d been “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over for months. There’s a silver lining though; you learn to embrace a lot of outside the box thinking.

Occasionally, you get an unexpected little flash of genius though, which becomes an idea that you’ll keep using forever. What’s mine? Turns out bed sheets make the best tablecloths: They’re cheap, plenty of choices exist in terms of patterns and textures, and they’re just so practical. 

Credit: Nomita Vaish-Taylor

If you’re looking for a table covering with a smaller price tag, you can’t go wrong with flat bed sheets. You can snag sheets in patterns, stripes, or solid colors; whatever style speaks to you works. Patterned sheets can be a little pricier, but still offer so much more value compared to their tablecloth equivalents.

Bed sheets have become my go to table coverings because, aside from being budget-friendly, they’re practical, too. Some need a quick iron, but if, like me, the thought of ironing makes you sick, go for the wrinkle-free ones. Also, I no longer worry about who’s going to spill red wine on my precious tablecloth. Spills usually wash out, but if they don’t, the sheet is easily and cheaply replaceable.

When shopping for a bed sheet tablecloth, you can totally ignore things like the fabric, quality, or thread count because your nightly slumber isn’t dependent on it. The only rule I have is price; for once, the cheapest is the best. My first one was synthetic and cost just $5. You can see it pictured above, and it’s still in tip-top condition after years. Since then, I’ve picked up others for not much more. The best part? Despite having hosted endless dinners on these “bed clothes,” not a single soul has picked up on my little secret.

The next time you’re shopping for table linens, head to the bedroom tab online (or bedding section of the store) instead of the tabletop one. Bed sheet tablecloths are also a wonderful thing to thrift or shop for at a garage sale, since sometimes top or flat sheets are sold secondhand without the fitted sheet. You can also find solo flat sheets at Amazon, such as these Royale Linens brand offerings.

The twin sheets in this range come in so many fun colors as well as timeless neutrals like white, beige, and gray. A twin size is perfect for dining tables that seat up to six, so that’s the territory I tend to stick in, which also keeps costs down. If you have a bigger, banquet-style table, you don’t have to miss out either. You can find larger flat sheets (up to king… take a look at dimensions versus your table size for direction here), and often, they’re still less than $15. When tablecloths these days cost $70 and upwards, you can’t beat the savings with this hack, especially if you like to change your table up with the seasons or just for special meals every now and then.