Before and After: A $450 Project Amps Up an Already-Cute Bedroom’s Cozy Vibe

published Nov 6, 2023
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Sage green is a popular paint color for many rooms, and its serene and fresh feel makes it a perfect pick for a room where you go to refresh: the bedroom. 

In this bedroom owned by Macy Evonosky (@wanderingmyhome) and her partner, Will, a sage green accent wall took the already-cozy space across the finish line. 

“I was able to make the room feel cozy and inviting with my furniture and decor choices, but this room ended up being a focal point as it is at the end of a hallway and the first thing you see when leaving the primary bedroom,” Macy says. “I decided that adding an accent wall and upgrading some of the builder-grade finishes would create a more welcoming view from the hallway.”

Replacing the boob light was a must. 

The builder-grade features Macy wanted to replace were the blinds covering the windows and the flush-mount “boob light” overhead. Her new blinds are from, and the light was a budget-friendly find. 

“I found a light fixture at Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $14 and spray painted it black!” she says. You can see the new light fixture on Macy’s Instagram here

Nickel gap paneling adds budget-friendly texture. 

And speaking of budget-friendly finds, Macy’s solution for her accent wall was easy on the wallet, too. “The price of shiplap — we installed it in our bathroom a few years back — is a bit steep,” Macy says. “However, this time we discovered a product called nickel gap paneling, which gives you the shiplap look for 1/4 of the price and is much easier to install.”

Macy and Will used 48 x 96-inch pieces of white fiber nickel gap paneling for their project. “It was so simple really. Put it up on the wall and nail it into the studs,” Macy says. They marked where the studs were on the ceiling, cut the paneling to the height of the walls, nailed them in following the markings they made, and then attached them together. “They fit like a puzzle,” Macy says. 

They also filled in the nail holes and seams with caulk, which Macy says was the most tedious part of the project. 

A few steps make installing a nickel gap accent wall easier.

Macy’s advice for installing nickel gap wall paneling? Thoroughly check your measurements around outlets, add trim to the ceiling for a cleaner look, and make sure the paneling can fit in your vehicle. 

“If not, save the hassle and order online,” Macy says. “The shipping is around $80 from The Home Depot, but when you compare it to the cost of shiplap, it was worth it to me.” Because of this, the nickel gap was delivered straight to her garage. “If you can pick it up in person, subtract $80 from my project cost!” she says. Macy’s total for the bedroom redo was about $450, and she loves the stunning backdrop she created behind the bed.

“In the past, I usually had a picture or piece of art hanging above the bed, but now I think the wall doesn’t require it to make the space feel complete,” Macy says. 

Green paint adds warm and cozy vibes. 

Of course, the project wouldn’t be complete without the sage green color added to the space, Sherwin-Williams’ Koi Pond. “I always struggle with finding a paint color I actually like once it is on the wall,” Macy says. “I love the way it turned out, but a part of me feels like I may paint it a different color sometime soon.”

Macy definitely recommends using a primer over the top of the nickel gap paneling before painting (she used Zinsser’s Bulls-Eye 123 Primer). And even though there might be a color change in store down the line, for now, Macy loves the impact she created in the room. 

“I LOVE the look of this wall,” she says. “I have stared at it so much since completing the project.”