Before & After: Improving a Window Air Conditioner View

published Jul 29, 2013
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On those unbearably hot days I really need to turn on our apartment’s window air conditioner I’m certainly thankful I installed it. But for the majority of the year the air conditioner is an unsightly presence, blocking a third of the view looking outside our windows and keeping desirable light from entering…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A Brooklyn designer decided it was time to give eyesore window air conditioners a visual makeover. A partnership between two designer friends, Paul Genberg and Daniel LiCalzi, resulted in Babilawn, a magnetized, faux grass mat designed to install on top of the exterior of window air conditioners. 

The miniature artificial landscape not only adds a bit of green to the view, but the grass blades soften the sound of dripping water during rainfall or from other dripping AC units from neighbors above. A raised platform design prevents blocking any AC unit vents, while super-strong rare earth magnets hold the mat in place.

Babilawn is planned to be available in four models, with the option to accessorize the tiny plot of faux lawn with yellow or blue daises, alongside a special edition white picket fence. The mats range between $30 to $150 depending on size and accessories added.

For further details and photos, check out Paul and Daniel’s Babilawn Kickstarter page.

(Images: Daniel LiCalzi and Paul Genberg)