Before & After: This Old Closet Now Puts Up a Good Front

published Dec 31, 2017
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(Image credit: Grillo Designs)

Medina and her husband Vince inherited this built-in closet when they moved into their current rental, and had to find a way to make it work — especially since the tiny bedroom doesn’t allow for much more storage. They removed its ugly outdated doors early on in their tenancy, but that just left them with this awful view of red faux wood grain, which Medina especially couldn’t stand. Luckily, their landlord was down with them doing some DIY, so they got to work on a complete facelift.

Medina first primed, then painted, the entire unit. Next, she covered the back wall with patterned wallpaper. Then finally, using OSB wood, Medina’s husband fashioned new doors for the built-in storage. They are finished up with some long door pulls, and a simple geometric design on the front. Here’s what it looks like today:

(Image credit: Grillo Designs)

It now looks like a part of the room instead of a total eyesore. And it’s not just for looks alone: the entire unit is a lot more functional — and pretty —than before. The closet’s insides now also have rods for hanging clothes, and wooden crates for storing smaller items like socks. As a last clever touch, a series of large drilled holes at the top of the doors are perfect for sticking an article of clothing or two on a hanger, making them ready to wear the next day.

To see the entire closet, including the freshly wallpapered insides, head over to Grillo Designs for more photos and details. She doesn’t share the door tutorial yet, but she does explain how to successfully paint over melamine, which is a super handy skill when updating old furniture, and especially IKEA products.

Thanks so much for sharing Medina!