Before & After: This “Tuscan Cottage” Kitchen Is No More

published Oct 24, 2017
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Before (Image credit: Brianna Michelle Design)

This kitchen has a few issues that my own kitchen has—mismatched countertops, cottage-style details, cabinets stained a color I don’t care for—so I was so curious to see how it was improved. Perhaps there would be a few ideas I could steal! Alas, the makeover is so total, so incredible, that it’s a level of transformation to which I can’t currently aspire. But perhaps you can? Read on for a gorgeous transformation!

If it weren’t for the arched doorway, I would never ever guess that this is the same room! Simply stunning. Brianna Michelle Design, who did this renovation, had this to say about the project:

A break from the classic all-white kitchen can be refreshing. We LOVED that our clients embraced the idea of adding in an aged copper hood, open shelves, and a stunning bronze wrought iron pendant.

The open shelving allows the resident to use beloved pieces as the room’s adornment, while the cabinets below and in the island provide plenty of practical storage. The marble countertops work so well with the white walls (while not being plain all white), and the combination of black cupboards, dark brown beams, and bronze/iron pendant is some advanced level color work.

Before (Image credit: Brianna Michelle Interior Design)

As with many of the “befores” we feature here, there doesn’t appear to be anything functionally wrong with this kitchen. The finishes are in great shape and the appliances look high-end. However, it is dated, and in a dream world I would definitely want to remodel it. The juxtaposition of the reddish wood and the yellow walls a little too “Tuscan”, the cutouts and cabinet details are a bit “cottage-y”, and there are far too many lampshades and they’re all too teeny.

This is a rare example of beams being added, and they look perfectly at home in the space. They definitely emphasize the height of the ceiling and add warmth to a room full of stainless steel appliances. At the same time, the cool hue of the stainless stove, ovens, and fridge prevent the room from feeling at all old-timey.

In the images before, the arched doorways add a whiff of cheese, another bit of overwrought styling. Now, with the opened-up space, clean white walls, and classic beams, the arches have an organic sophistication. As a bonus, the rounded corners of the breakfast bar echo the doorways curves. As a super-bonus, a glance at the other images from this home revealed that the sink is positioned so that it’s possible to watch TV whilst washing dishes using the professional-style faucet sprayer. THAT’S the dream!

Thanks, Brianna Michelle Design!