The Best Bust Sculptures Available on Amazon and Etsy Right Now, Starting at Just $11

published Jan 17, 2023
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In 2022, Pinterest declared that the “Hellenic aesthetic” would be in, with home decor nodding to the ancient gods and all things Greco-Roman. And for 2023, this classic design-leaning movement isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. After all, how can a design that’s survived thousands of years ever really go out of style? If anything, it’s easier than ever to get the look of these antiquity-inspired pieces, even if you don’t have a precious heirloom budget.

Traditionally, busts were carved from marble and depicted ancient leaders, philosophers, nobles, politicians, artists, musicians, or personas from classical mythology. Genuine antique busts will set you back a ton, but repros made of far less fine materials? Well, they’re a great alternative for getting a historic, old-world look on the cheap. Looking to bring one into your home? These are the best budget-friendly busts I’ve found on the web lately.

Credit: Amazon

Marcus Aurelius Bust Sculpture

No one does busts quite like The Ancient Home. You’ve probably seen their pieces on shows like “Bridgerton” and other films. The Ancient Home works with artisans and production partners in Europe to ensure their reproductions are high-quality, and the prices reflect that (expect to spend a hundred to a few hundred dollars per piece here, depending on size and intricacy of a given design). The brand has over 100 different busts to choose from in textures that range from cast marble and stone to bronze and alabaster. You can also find The Ancient Home as a storefront on Amazon, where you’ll find pieces in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Buy: Marcus Aurelius Bust Sculpture, $106.00 from Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Beonueni Bust

This replica of the Roman goddess of wisdom stands about a foot tall, so it can go just about anywhere, but would be particularly fitting in an office, since it’s the perfect size for a desktop or smaller pedestal. Made of resin and available in black, white, red, blue, or a “vintage green” that resembles a tarnished bronze, there’s a finish that will work beautifully with your decor no matter the color scheme or style.

Buy: Beonueni Bust, $35.99 from Amazon

Credit: Etsy

Michelangelo’s David Bust Planter Pot with Drip Tray

3D printing is a fantastic medium for reproducing classic sculpture because designs can be replicated with extreme precision. This Illinois-based Etsy shop does traditional and contemporary spins on Michelangelo’s David, including a planter with a discreet drip tray. You can also find colorful busts of writers like Sappho and more.

Buy: Michelangelo’s David Bust Planter Pot with Drip Tray, Starting at $31.72 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Homer and Aristotle Plaster Bookends

This Homer and Aristotle bookend pair are made from plaster by a small shop based out of Ukraine. Sandwich your favorite books between these great philosophers for a classic touch on a shelf, bookcase, or desk.

Buy: Homer and Aristotle Plaster Bookends, $89.00 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Julius Caesar Pencil Holder Bust

A cheeky gift for a Classics major, this Caesar bust is stylish, functional, and just plain funny. For those that maybe don’t know the story of Julius Caesar (spoiler: he literally gets stabbed in the back!), this pencil holder is the office conversation starter you didn’t know you needed. It’s made in Oregon from biodegradable, plant-based plastic.

Buy: Julius Caesar Pencil Holder Bust, Starts at $13.00 $11.05 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Veiled Lady Candle Bust

Luxuriously romantic, this reproduction of Raffaelle Monti’s 1847 “Veiled Lady” sculpture makes for a dreamy candle. Made with 100 percent soy wax in North Carolina, you can choose from 16 different muted colors to fit it in with your design palette. Style this as a centerpiece any time of year, or try it on your mantel for a warm glow.

Buy: Veiled Lady Candle Bust, $49.99 from Etsy