10 Charging End Tables That Will Fix Your Outlet Woes

updated Aug 24, 2022
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You know the scene: You’re lounging on the couch, watching TV, and multitasking on your phone when the dreaded “10 percent of battery remaining” notification pops up on your screen. You scramble for a charger, only to find there’s no outlet within reach. What’s a citizen of the 21st century to do? Charging desk lamps and nightstands have long been popular, but don’t neglect your living room when making design-conscious tech upgrades. Adding an end table with built-in charging abilities can be a major lifesaver, especially if your sofa has become part of your work-from-home setup. They could even help you keep your phone out of the bedroom if less screen time is something you’re working toward! From picks with built-in outlets and USB ports to those that combine both, we rounded up some of the best end tables with built-in charging ports to jump-start your living room upgrade today.

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If you’re searching for a way to hide cord clutter, allow me to introduce you to the Lundgren End Table. It has built-in flip-top storage with two USB ports and two standard outlets inside, so your cords and devices can stay tucked away. There's also a cable management hole for your charger to snake through while the top is closed, or you can leave them on display by folding the top back in half.

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Mid-century modern design, meet 2021 convenience. The Errico End Table fits in perfectly next to a Chesterfield sofa, as one reviewer noted, and features two USB ports and a wireless charger. The wicker-accented drawer is a sleek touch and can keep your chargers, remotes, and more out of sight when not in use. Between the sophisticated design and thoughtful tech touches, this piece covers all the bases.

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Looking for something affordable with ample storage and an industrial flair? Then you'll love the VASAGLE plugin side table. With two outlets, two USB ports, and two shelves for storage, it's a stylish way to add some functionality to your space.

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When you’re living in a small space, you need home pieces that deliver on both function and form. The Hennig End Table from Wayfair does both with ease. The rounded edges and metallic accents give it personality, and the built-in USB port is discreetly hidden on the bottom shelf of the table. Don't see the cord? That's because it runs along one of the legs so as not to take any attention away from your perfect table.

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The shape and contrasting colors of this end table recall the look of retro school desks — in the best way. It could easily work in the bedroom or the living room, and it features two USB ports and two standard outlets. As a bonus, it has a built-in motion sensor light on the bottom that casts a soft light when you stand up near it.

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At just over two feet high, this industrial acacia and iron table is perfect to slide over your lap when you're sitting on the couch. It’s big enough for a laptop or notebook, and charging ports are located on the backside so they’re out of sight and out of mind.

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Sometimes, the simplest solution is best. This mid-century-inspired round end table by Mercury Row is compact, cute, and rings in under $300. Made of solid fir, the piece includes a USB charging port and built-in speakers for a table that's simply chic and plenty smart.

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If you have kids (or pets) that like to play with cords, keeping them tucked away from eager hands (or paws) is a good safety precaution. I love all the color combinations that are available for this table, not to mention the flip-top and cable management holes that make it extremely functional.

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If lots of storage is what you’re after, take note of the Korhonen Block End Table by Lark Manor. The top of the table flips up to reveal a compartment with outlets and USB ports, plus it features a pull-out writing tray, a cabinet, and drawer storage.

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Having grown up in a small town with many neighboring farms, I’ve seen a lot of rustic-chic decor in my day. This Kelly Clarkson Home end table with two convenient USB ports and outlets combines farmhouse style with modern functionality. I can just picture a freshly picked bouquet of backyard flowers resting on top of it.

Sarah M. Vazquez also contributed to reporting.