The Best Affordable City to Live for Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type

published Jun 23, 2018
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Your Myers-Briggs personality type can seem surprisingly apt: “Why yes,” you might say while reading your personality description, “I don’t like theories and abstracts, and I do leap before I look! This explains so much.” Sometimes, an internet quiz actually can go a long way in figuring out who you are. Or figuring out where to live.

Looking for a new adventure and not sure what city best suits you? We’ve connected all 16 Myers-Briggs personality types to their best-fitting city so you can ensure your living situation matches your disposition.

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ISTJ—Charlotte, North Carolina

You might look like an old-school accountant on the outside, although you’ve updated the look with skinny jeans and chunky glasses. But on the inside… well, you’re still a bit accountant-like—and that’s not a bad thing! You’re a sucker for history and tradition, and you’re skilled at zeroing in on the facts. But we’re betting flashy New York City offices aren’t your thing. Charlotte, North Carolina, drops you in a lush, historic landscape, and it’s one of the nation’s best cities for finance jobs. Plus, its expansive arts scene lets you loosen up whenever the urge strikes. (Want something more suburban? We just named nearby suburb Belmont one of the Coolest Suburbs in America!)

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INFJ—Syracuse, New York

Whether it’s with the pen or the paintbrush or any other tool of choice, you’re immune to the allure of your art. You deserve to pay your bills with your creations, too. Not only is Syracuse, New York, one of the most affordable cities to live in the United States, but it has one of the highest percentage of self-employed artists in the country. When you’re short on inspiration, just hop the train down to NYC.

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INTJ—Little Rock, Arkansas

You’re a self-sustainer—no need for strangers intruding upon your day-to-day routine. But that clever mind still needs stimulation for strategies and innovation. Consider Little Rock, Arkansas. Natural beauty surrounds the capital of Arkansas, leaving plenty of options when you just gotta get away. But this small city also offers a thriving network of creatives, and plenty of job opportunities in advertising and marketing.

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ENFJ—St. Louis, Missouri

Your name says it all: You’re always willing to give a little part of yourselves to strangers if it will put them in a good mood. St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the nation’s most affordable large metros, with residents spending just 25.95 percent of their income on living expenses. It’s also one of the most charitable. Almost half of the city’s charities focus on human services, so you’ll have endless opportunities to live up to your name.

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ISTP—Kansas City, Missouri

You love getting your hands dirty and creating something you can look at. You’re also a bit unpredictable—one day you may want to check out a gallery, the next you want to hit up the bars, and the next you’re just angling for some angling on the river. Check out Kansas City, Missouri: With more than two million residents, this Midwestern mega-city promises to fill any of your sudden whims.

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ESFF—Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

The center of attention is your favorite place. And let’s be frank—you adore that spotlight. Set up shop in one of America’s most social cities: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Spend your weekends cheering on the Timberwolves or the Twins. When you’re spending barely 25% of your salary on living expenses, you’ll have plenty of funds to be the life of the party.

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INFP—The Mediator

You adore your collection of precious crystals, you have a favorite astrologer, and you have a lot of opinions about your birth sign. Or maybe you simply love to get lost in daydreams. Check out hippie heaven Asheville, North Carolina. Its farmer’s markets and street festivals are a haven, and the nearby Smoky Mountains will connect you with nature.

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ESFP—The Entertainer

You feel most comfortable on the stage, with all eyes on you as you belt out your latest banger. Keep that music career strong by moving to a city with a surprisingly strong record for hits: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Follow in the footsteps of Wiz Khalifa and Christina Aguilera and earn your mettle in this steel-and-metal city.

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ENFP—Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cookie cutters are your enemy, and looking like anyone else might as well be poison. Pick a city that appeals to your love of the interesting and the unique—like Albuquerque, New Mexico, one of the kookiest cities in the United States. (Some people even call it Albu-Quirky.) Not sure you’re ready to move? Consider spending your first visit at the city’s psych hospital-turned-hotel. We bet you’ll be convinced.

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ESTP—Salt Lake City, Utah

You like to move fast and break things. No shame in that. Your perfect city may be surprising: You’ll be packing up and moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. This western metropolis is one of the country’s best tech cities outside San Francisco. Keeping your attention may be a challenge, but with the state’s wide variety of outdoor activities—and a growing art scene—there’s no shortage of interesting activities.

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ESTJ—Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

No one need to worry when you’re in control. You’re a leader and most likely working to help people every day (the bet is on “doctor”). One of the country’s best cities for medical work is Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina—and the two cities are also wildly affordable. The combination of health care jobs and the area’s famed “Research Triangle” makes this a perfect pick, regardless of whether you want to help people through research or practice.

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ENTJ—Grand Rapids, Michigan

You’ve got a talent for taking charge, and you’re most comfortable when you’re in the big office making the big decisions. You’ll find similar spirits in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is one of the best cities in the United States for starting a business. Surrounded by your new entrepreneurial friends, you’ll be sure to succeed.

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INTP—Huntsville, Alabama

You’ve never made an illogical decision. It’s impossible. And hopefully you’ll find this decision completely logical, too: Huntsville, Alabama, isn’t just the most affordable city in the country, but it’s also the best city for STEM jobs, with an average salary of $91,900. Keep your analytical mind churning, no matter your preferred field.

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ISFJ—Louisville, Kentucky

There’s no reason to live in discord when you can live in one of the country’s friendliest cities. Louisville, Kentucky, will appeal to your kind personality, and your new friends will support your idealism, optimistic attitude, and positive mood. The area is rapidly increasing in popularity, but still staying affordable.

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ENTP—Indianapolis, Indiana

This rare personality type indicates you might be more comfortable as a loner. Our best guess: You have a lot in common with Ron Swanson. Which is one reason you think you’d love Indianapolis, IN. The state’s Hoosier spirit will appeal to your individuality, and there’s plenty of nearby land for sprawling. But don’t fear: When you’re ready for a long, intellectual chat, the city and its plethora of world-class universities will be waiting.

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ISFP—Phoenix, Arizona

Some people might consider you an introvert, but you know that’s not true. You’re just waiting for the right moment—and then you’ll strike. You’re a sucker for spontaneity. And so is Phoenix, Arizona. As the second-most-spontaneous city in the United States (second only to Los Angeles, which may be a little much for your introversion to handle), you’ll never have any trouble finding something funky to liven up your evening when you need it.

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