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The 3 Best IKEA Storage Solutions That Create a Functional Entryway in Any Size Space

published Nov 29, 2023
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A great entryway is like a warm welcome: Whether you’re opening the door to old friends or new guests, it’s your first chance to make them feel at home in your space. It shows off a bit of your personality, hints at your style, and creates a place for guests to shed their coats and get comfortable. And even if you don’t think you have the space for this kind of functional entryway, we’re here to tell you that you do.

As entertaining season goes into overdrive, you can create an entryway that will cut down on clutter, help organize holiday extras, and keep your space looking sharp no matter how busy your home gets. With customizable options, colorful finishes, and useful touches, IKEA storage solutions are the best of both worlds: endlessly practically and eternally stylish.

Here are three setups to get you inspired. They’re each tailored to a different size area, with one thing in common: the power to transform your entryway into a stylish, storage-savvy space that can stand up to even the biggest holiday party.

The Not-a-Speck-of-Mud-in-Sight Mudroom

If you have a dedicated entryway space like a mudroom, think of it as both a staging area and an extension of your living room. And don’t let the moniker fool you into thinking it can’t be cute! Use natural materials and bright neutrals to set a welcoming tone. A jute rug adds texture and stops mud in its tracks, while a fluffy faux-sheepskin rug adds more softness as you enter the house. A minimalist wall-mounted coat rack keeps outerwear neat and tidy. Use a classically inspired shoe cabinet to keep clutter off the floor and an easy-to-clean metal rack (or two) for guests’ shoes and wet footwear. And if you thought carts were just for organizing supplies, think again: We highly recommend them for corralling kids’ shoes. Our favorite finishing touch? A handmade rattan storage bench, which offers both a place to unlace your shoes and a streamlined repository for scarves, hats, and the like.

The Not-Quite-a-Room Nook

A little alcove or empty corner can easily become a well-appointed landing strip — it’s all about getting creative with space! A few hardworking pieces for your walls will go a long way. Start with what every entryway needs: hooks. This is the same wall-mounted coat rack as in the previous photo, arranged vertically instead of horizontally. Same number of hooks, different layout. Infinitely customizable, a clean white pegboard can be configured and reconfigured with baskets, clips, mini shelves, and yet more hooks to hold all manner of miscellany, be it keys, shopping lists, or reusable bags. Stack an easy-to-clean metal rack or two for shoes and you’ll free up tons of precious floor space. For a finishing touch, brighten things up with a wall lamp that matches the pegboard and blends right in with any decor style.

The Make-the-Most-of-a-Little-Space Entryway

If you have a wall, congratulations: You have an entryway! The most important thing you can get is a hardworking coat rack. This one pulls triple duty with two rows of hooks, shelves for your shoes (or storage baskets), and a place to sit. It also helps to have an extra shoe tray to bring out when guests come over. If you have more wall to work with, an entryway is a great place for a mirror: It’ll brighten up the space and give you the chance to do that all-important final outfit check before you leave. For a truly bright welcome, the entryway is a nice place to add stylish lighting without taking up floor space. Finally, don’t forget the tried and true trick of using an area rug to help define the space.