13 At-Home Activities That Will Make Your Weekend a Little Less Monotonous and a Lot More Fun

published Mar 12, 2021
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Living room with Eero Aarnio hanging bubble chair and vintage brown armchair
Credit: Andreas von Einsiedel | Getty Images

It’s been a year of staying home. You’ve baked the sourdough and the banana bread, binged “Bridgerton,” and tie-dyed everything you own. You’ve even learned TikTok dances and colored your hair pink. And while you love your friends, you’re burnt out on Zoom and FaceTime hangs… so what do you do to fill up your weekends? If you’re considering watching paint dry just for something to do, never fear! These quarantine-friendly activities will entertain you so you’re not bored in the house yet again. 

1. Stage your own “Great British Bake-Off.”

Or nacho-off. Or chicken nugget-off. Whatever. Challenge whoever lives with you to whip up their best apple pie, enchiladas, or any other dish you choose and taste-test each other’s offerings. The more creative, the better. 

Stay with me here — this can be fun! Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some fond memories via clothing. Have a runway show for your roommate or partner, or better yet, stage a walk-off à la “Zoolander.” Once you’ve gotten organized, donate the things you don’t love or post them on Poshmark. 

Credit: Selena Kirchhoff

3. Make a super fort in your living room.

Go ahead — pretend you’re a kid again! I’m not talking about draping a blanket over two chairs — take up the entire room and setting up different spaces for reading, sipping cocktails, what have you! If you have pets, chances are this will be the best day of their lives. 

4. Learn something new or take a virtual trip.

You may not be traveling at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to be entirely housebound. Airbnb’s Online Experiences can take you anywhere you want to go, virtually. They offer a plethora of fun, informational experiences that are practically endless; you can do everything from learning to tango to making pasta with grandmas to hanging out with goats! 

5. Revisit your favorite childhood books or young adult novels.

Did you fall in love with some obscure Caroline B. Cooney teen series about time travel back in the day? Find the books on your library app or Kindle and channel your younger self. Do they hold up? You’ll have to read and see. 

6. Watch a director or actor’s entire filmography.

Alternatively, pick a genre (like ‘80s teen comedies or ‘40s film noir) and watch standout picks. You can’t call yourself a Wes Anderson fan if you haven’t seen “Bottle Rocket,” and if you haven’t experienced the joys of Turner Classic Movies, just wait until you discover “The Thin Man.

7. Make a fancy candle.

I’ll admit it: I love spending serious cash on gorgeously scented, decorative candles, but you know what’s just as indulgent? Pouring your own! This kit from Siblings is easy to use, smells amazing, and is much more affordable than a new Diptyque, but no less photogenic. 

8. Finish a game of Monopoly.

You can do it! (But truthfully, has anyone ever finished a full game in less than a day?) 

9. Take up needlepoint.

If indulging your crafty side has been one of your favorite parts of quarantine life, try embroidery or needlepoint! It’s a great way to quiet your mind and focus on one thing, so if you’ve been feeling preoccupied or stressed, it could be just the thing to calm you. This is a great starter set if you’re a newbie.

Credit: Justine Darragh

10. Call a beloved family member and ask them about their life or love story.

Learn the family history you’ve always been curious about and surprise your loved ones with a call. Sharing stories and hearing from you will make them feel appreciated and treasured, especially as so many older people are experiencing pandemic-related loneliness and isolation.

11. Unleash your inner Van Gogh.

Buy a few basic small canvases and some paint and get creative. Don’t feel pressured to paint a masterpiece — just have fun expressing yourself with color and shape, and who knows? Maybe you will want to hang your artwork in the living room after all. 

12. Take a trip to the beach — sort of.

For those of us who don’t live in warmer climates, beach days are still a few months away. Why not pretend you’re spending the weekend at a tropical resort from the comfort of your own home until temps heat up? Make some summery rum drinks, put on your bathing suit, cue up a beachy playlist, and turn up the heat (just a bit) or “sunbathe” near the windows. Sunny days are on their way! 

13. “Go” dancing.

OK, so you can’t hit your favorite clubs right now, but you can break a sweat with Los Angeles-based Pony Sweat, a fun, immersive dance-aerobics workout set to a mixtape-style soundtrack. The studio is all about accessibility for all and believes that “every body is a great body,” and their live stream or recorded classes encourage you to move, enjoy the music and, most importantly, have fun.