The Best Kid- and Pet-Friendly Sofas You Can Buy Now

updated Oct 19, 2023
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Fur. Spills. Crumbs. Bouncing. These are the imminent dangers to your home when you have pets and/or kids, so you have to make sure your furniture can stand up to them — especially your sofa. Sound complicated? It’s not — especially since we did the research for you and found an assortment of sofas that have a sturdy build and are made from durable fabrics, making them perfect for even the most chaotic households. They’re pretty much indestructible, easy to clean, and — best of all — actually stylish. Below, check out some of our favorite kid- and pet-friendly sofas on the market. But, before you do, let’s chat a little bit about fabric.

Best Sofa Fabrics for Kids and Pets

Look for the right kind of leather. Leather is one of the most durable materials, so it’s a great choice for households with kids and pets. However, not all leathers are created equally. Aniline leather is the most natural and has not been treated with any dyes, so it’s the most sensitive to scuffs — you’ll want to avoid it in this instance. Instead, look for semi-aniline or pigmented leather, which has been treated to make it more durable (and less expensive). Also keep an eye out for “top-grain” leather, which is considered more durable than split leather.

When in doubt, opt for classic microfiber. You can’t go wrong with microfiber or canvas furniture. These materials are made to withstand all sorts of use and are typically easy to clean and take care of.

Stay away from delicate fabrics. You’ll want to look for fabric that has a tight weave — chenille, velvet, and silk are all no-gos, unless you get a special performance variety that is stronger than normal.

Have a favorite sofa we missed? We want to hear all about it. Let us know about your favorite family-friendly sofas in the comments below.

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7th Avenue

If 7th Avenue is a new-to-you brand, prepare to be wowed. The brand is all over social media showing off how high-performing their fabrics and furniture are, and the results are honestly impressive. The covers on every sofa are all water-repellent and stain-resistant, allowing them to easily hold their own against juice spills, pet urine, and even a rouge cup of coffee. Even better? The cushion covers are all removable and machine-washable, so you can refresh your perch any time you need.

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was $4900.00

If your family loves lazy Sundays on the couch, you're going to need a comfortable place to lounge that can really hold its own against wrestling matches, Netflix binges, and takeout picnics. Let's just say, it doesn't get any better (or more plush) than this feather-filled sectional from Valyou Furniture. Thanks to a memory foam and fiber blend filling, this sofa will stay sumptuously soft and shapely for years to come. Even better? It's wrapped in a performance fabric that's tough against stains, dirt, and the occasional spilled glass of wine.

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Burrow is one of the best furniture brands around, with thoughtfully designed pieces that are built to last and grow with you. Their popular Nomad sofa also comes in a sectional style that's made from naturally scratch- and stain-resistant tight olefin fiber. There are five colors, six leg finishes, and three arm styles to choose from — plus it has a built-in USB charger and a 72-inch power cord.

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Article takes quality seriously, and most of their leather options are of the full-aniline variety. This sofa is an exception: It's made from semi-aniline, waxed Italian leather that's super durable yet sumptuous, making it the ideal choice for someone looking for a heartier option. The shorter arms are stylish and sophisticated, and if you don't love tan leather, you can always choose the black version instead.

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From our partner
Albany Park
was $2147.00

One look at Albany Park's Kova sofa and it's easy to see why it's beloved by families and pet owners alike. Plush and cozy, this cloud-like perch is made for snuggling up on during movie nights (something made easier with the Kova Pit configuration). The best part? Every Albany Park sofa is made with durability and practicality in mind, so the brand relies on easy-to-clean fabrics and strong frames that are designed to take the worst your kiddos (or fur babies) can throw at it.

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was $1775.00

One way to know if your sofa will hold up to heavy use? Drop heavy weights on it. That’s what the pros at Floyd did when they were making The Sofa. They wanted to simulate what 10 years of heavy use would look like, so they repeatedly dropped weights on the frame, pulled on the backrest, and tried as hard as they could to bend the legs. Guess what? Nothing budged. The birch wood frame, powder-coated steel legs, stain-resistant fabric, and dense two-layer cushions stayed all in tip-top shape, and they’ll do the same for you and your family for many years to come.

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was $1799.00

This simple, sophisticated sofa from Wayfair may not look like it’s ready to take on whatever your family can throw at it, but it is. The solid hardwood frame is built to last, while the polyester material is naturally resistant to stains. When you do need to wash it, just slip off the cushion covers and toss them into your washing machine. They'll look as good as new — and remain majorly comfy, too. 

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was $6299.00

Every element of this sofa from Arhaus was carefully designed to ensure it would maintain form and function. The performance Crypton fabric is made specifically to resist stains, moisture, and odors, while the sustainably sourced solid wood frame and recycled steel supports beneath the cushions mean your sofa won’t sag, no matter who (or what) stands on it. Even better, the seat cushions have interconnected steel coils for lasting support and the backrests tout foam and flexible webbing to ensure they hold their shape — really, the list of perks goes on and on. It’s definitely a steep price point, but this is one piece you’ll keep forever. 

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West Elm
was $1599.00

West Elm is known for its wide range of upholstery choices, including performance fabrics that are made to withstand plenty of traffic. The Eddy sectional is a versatile choice, thanks to its durable frame construction, and it's available in performance basketweave, twill, and even performance velvet if you can't quite give up your dream of a velvet sofa.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $1639.99

Can a couch be described as handsome? After all, that feels like the best word for this mid-century modern piece from Bed Bath & Beyond (formerly Overstock). The dark, sleek leather and button-tufted seat have an austere sophistication, allowing the sofa to up the class of any room it's placed in. And, if you couldn’t tell just by looking at it, the foam-fill cushions and thick seats are super comfortable for all-day lounging. 

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Interior Define

Since every piece at Interior Define is fully customizable, it's one of the best places to score a sofa perfectly suited to your needs. The Maxwell sofa, which was designed by our very own founder & CEO Maxwell Ryan, comes in dozens of fabrics, and there's even a "kid & pet-friendly" filter you can use to find the most durable of the bunch. Unlike other retailers with a limited number of colors and types of durable fabrics, Interior Define's choices include velvet, linen, and textured cotton. If you're undecided, you can order up to 10 swatches before you decide.

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Urban Outfitters

This highly reviewed sofa is much less expensive than your typical leather options and it comes from Urban Outfitters, one of our favorite boho retailers. The recycled leather and glossy finish make it a durable option, although it's still soft and comes with the natural variations you'd expect with leather. Order it in one of four colors, including unexpected picks like dark gray and cranberry.

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West Elm

This Queen-sized sleeper sofa not only features a gel mattress for ultimate comfort, but it also comes in a slew of fabrics that are great for kids and pets alike. (The cushion covers even zip off, should you need to get them professionally cleaned.) The default fabric is heathered tweed, a textured and durable option that is made to last, but if you're willing to spend a little more, you can get performance fabrics and twill.

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This sofa may look small and simple, but it unfolds into a queen-sized bed. Yes, queen-sized! The seat flips forward while the back folds out, giving you all the sleeping space you (or a guest!) could possibly need. When you’re not using it, everything tucks away so neatly that you’d never guess it's convertible. Bonus: Both fabric options — polyester blend or acrylic — are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials. Translation: Bring on the late-night family movie nights that turn into living-room sleepovers. 

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was $2200.00

This two-seater compact sleeper sofa has no intention of being just functional. With a rounded retro frame and slightly shiny Festival fabric (low-maintenance polyester with a plush velvet surface), it’s here to be a statement piece. It’s the perfect multi-use sofa that looks great whether you’re sleeping or lounging on it. 

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Pottery Barn

This sleeper sofa rolls out into a full-size bed for smaller spaces. Choose from several performance fabrics for a luxe feel that'll hold up to high-traffic areas — the Sunbrella options, in particular, are worth checking out. Plus, the sofa is Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning it meets rigorous chemical emissions standards. It's on the pricier end, but keep an eye out for sales, and remember that this is a piece you'll have for years.

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This sofa was handmade down to its final stitch, and that careful craftsmanship means quality and durability. The hand-assembled, kiln-dried hardwood frame and hand-stitched fabric are the perfect complements to the stylish mid-century shape and super-thick polyurethane foam cushions — all of it meant to look good and last.