The Best Lamp or Lighting Style for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published May 26, 2024
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Buying lighting is all about setting the mood, folks. And the type of mood you’re into is definitely going to vary from person to person and from zodiac sign to zodiac sign. If you’re a passionate Aries, you’re likely going to want your whole space illuminated so you can tackle your next great idea in a fury. If you’re a Cancer who has made their home their own personal oasis, you might want something a bit more mellow so you can truly retreat into your shell.

Either way, I tapped Roya Backlund, professional astrologer and senior lifestyle and astrology editor at Stylecaster, for some starry guidance as to what style of lamp you should choose for your zodiac sign. Whether you’re looking to furnish a home you just moved into or need a major mood overhaul for your place, here’s the best type of lamp and lighting vibe for your zodiac sign.

Aries: The “Big” Light

Aries are bold, passionate, confident, and eager to start on their next life-changing big idea (until, you know, they get bored and move on to something else). They aren’t afraid to see everything clearly laid out in front of them because this sign is anything but avoidant. “They want to really be able to see their surroundings, but that doesn’t mean they want the ‘big light’ on 24/7,” says Backlund. As long as they have a working switch, Aries are fans of overhead chandeliers and pendants in a space, which can be controversial (but a big bonus in their eyes!).  

Taurus: Unique Tableside Lamps

Taureans are all about luxury, and that doesn’t always mean quiet luxury. “They often have very unique table lamps and will take time to pick the perfect lightbulb,” says Backlund. (Think: The gorgeous stained glass lamp they thrifted that reminds them of the table setting at their favorite restaurant when they were a kid.) Soft, atmospheric lighting is key here.

Gemini: Floor Lamp with a Remote

“Air signs like Gemini love floor lamps and table lamps that come with a remote, so they can change the vibe whenever they want, from however far away,” says Backlund. Geminis are known for having two different personality traits that go back and forth. A lamp with a color-changing light that they can switch up when the mood strikes is key.

Cancer: Star Projector

Aww, little Cancers. This is one of my favorite signs. I’m so touched by how sweet this sign is and how much they’re aware of their boundaries. They know they’re going to need lots of time recharging at home in order to show up for the friends, family, and co-workers in their lives and they never waiver. Cancers are most likely to purchase that starry night projector off of Amazon that illuminates an entire room. “Warm, loving, and nostalgic is always the mood a water sign is going for,” says Backlund. “A water sign doesn’t care if you think string lights or star projectors are childish because it makes their space feel sweet and homey.”

Leo: Fire Pits and Fireplaces

It might not be surprising to know that fire signs love, well, fire. “They’ll often have their fireplace going indoors,” says Backlund. “Outdoors, they’ll have torches, lanterns, and fire pits going.” Those faux fireplaces will work just fine, too. They just love to be energized by the flame and remember the light they have within.

Virgo: Art Deco Lamp

If you look up Virgo in any astrology site, you’ll likely see the term “Type A” in the description. But in my experience, half of Virgos fall in this category, and the others are some of the messiest people I’ve ever seen. Hey, people contain multitudes! According to Backlund, Earth signs like Virgos “ probably wouldn’t go for string lights or anything that can make their environment look messy or chaotic.” They’re likely going to opt for a decorative lamp with personality that makes their space feel tied together effortlessly.

Libra: Reading Lamps

Libras are all about balance and seeing both sides to things. So how does this translate into lighting? Their lighting choices are influenced by their hobbies. Libras love to read to gain even more knowledge on new perspectives. “Every air sign has to have one extremely reliable reading light,” explains Backlund. “You’ll often see them with an expensive reading lamp that allows them to change the color temperature and brightness level.”

Scorpio: Oversized Candles

Scorpios have lovingly been called “the fourth fire sign,” but in reality, they are all water. This sign is highly passionate and equally sensitive. “Water signs love candles, especially if they have a candle holder that emphasizes the soft glow of each flame,” says Backlund. “Water signs are also very sensitive to lighting and usually prefer to keep it really soft.” A larger candle with multiple wicks is all the lighting Scorpios need to feel relaxed in their spaces.

Sagittarius: Neon Lights and String Lights

Sagittarians are intellectual beings that are equally as stimulated by studying something new as they are meeting up with their large group of besties. “You’ll often see lots of neon lights or LED strips in a fire sign’s home, as it adds a creative and energizing flair to their space, especially if they can change the color and brightness of the light whenever they want,” says Backlund. 

Capricorn: Gooseneck Lamps

Capricorns are known for being ambitious, regimented, and practical, so they might have a cool lamp they inherited from their grandparents and gave a second life to. Anything elegant, “special,” and deemed a conversation starter will work in their book (think: a gooseneck lamp with a unique shapely shade). 

Aquarius: Funky Floor Lamp

“Air signs love to keep the lighting cozy, too, but they don’t want to work hard for it,” says Backlund. A lamp that’s out of the way but still provides the right ambiance when they need it is ideal. Consider a standing floor lamp tucked behind a couch or in the corner of a room to add the perfect touch and softly illuminate any at-home party or gathering when Aquarius is engaging in one of their favorite pastimes: making small talk.

Pisces: Soft Blue Night Lights

Pisces is represented by a fish in water, so this sign definitely floats in and out of their daily routines. “They’ll have creative wall plug-ins from souvenir shops that light up the hallways,” says Backlund. “Or they’ll most likely have lamps that they made from scratch, such as a Turkish mosaic lamp they made at a local DIY meetup.” A blue-tinted night light that illuminates the floors at night will make them feel especially at home, like they’re in their own private ocean.