The 11 Best Mattresses for Couples (with Hot Sleepers & Side Sleepers in Mind)

published Oct 13, 2023
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You know that old saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” I have one for myself: It’s “good night’s rest, I’ll be feeling my best.” It originated with my mom, who would say this to me whenever I was feeling stressed out or moody when I was growing up. I hated hearing it back then, but live by that mantra now. And, thankfully, my boyfriend does, too. When we moved in together two years ago, we were pretty relaxed about deciding which couch to get for our apartment, what coffee table to snag for the small space, and figuring out the rugs that could help make our place feel like home. The one thing we were absolutely not relaxed about was picking the best mattress for a couple — which is funny, because feeling relaxed is the whole point of a new mattress. 

Finding the best mattress for couples is hard work — especially if that couple has different preferences. One person might be a side sleeper, the other might be a hot sleeper. One person might prefer sleeping on a rock (my boyfriend), and the other (me) could enjoy feeling like they’re floating on a cloud. I digress. Luckily, brands are pretty much putting in as much research and innovation into mattresses as Swifties are to finding Easter eggs in her music videos. For those unfamiliar, just know that it’s a lot.

Even if you and your partner have completely different tastes in mattresses, there are still some out there that you both will agree on. Trust me — I’m part of a success story. Below, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best mattresses for couples that will lead to the best night’s rest possible. And, in case you were wondering, the hero mattress that helps keep my boyfriend and me happy is of course included. Read more below. 

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If you (or your partner) tend to overheat at night, Serta’s cooling mattress is the one for you. It comes decked-out with a cooling cover and is made with a cooling gel Memory Foam material to ensure that you and your partner stay as cool and as comfortable as possible. The foam mattress is designed to reduce motion transfer, as well. So even if your partner is tossing and turning all night, you won’t feel a thing. Lastly, the foam core allows for any sleep position to feel comfortable and supported.

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Helix Sleep
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This is the Goldilocks bed you’ve been looking for. Its medium-feel build creates a not-too-firm, not-too-soft finish that anybody, regardless of their preferences, can enjoy. The Helix Dusk Luxe mattress is tailored specifically for back and stomach sleepers, comes with a cooling cover upgrade option, and has zoning support so that it’s softer for your upper body and firmer for your lower body — this helps “cradle your body and align your spine,” per the brand.

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For couples who like to personalize everything to their exact liking, look no further than the BeautyRest Pressure Smart mattress. Choose from six sizes, three series options, and six feel types to build a bed as unique as your relationship. In addition to this personalization, BeautyRest mattresses are made with a pocketed coil design that works with its memory foam to provide support without that sinking feeling that often comes with other “comfort” mattresses.

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Purple’s unique gel grid surrounds your body with comfort as you move throughout the night. These edge-to-edge coils respond to every shift your body makes so that you’re cradled from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes. This mattress will be a game-changer for couples who could use some pain relief and restoration at night.

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Bear Mattress
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Three words: all-over support. That’s what Bear’s Elite Hybrid Mattress will give both you and your partner all night long. The cooling copper-infused Memory Foam mattress has six layers of support made up of encased spring coils that move with your body and its unique curves so that no matter how you’re resting, you’ll feel as good as possible.

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Tuft & Needle
was $1995.00

Designed for any and all sleep positions, the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid Mattress is comfort to its core. Literally. A combination of cooling gel-infused memory foam, individually wrapped springs, and pressure-relieving nanocoils makes this mattress comfortable from the outermost layer to the very center. The icing on top? It’s finished off with firm springs around every edge, specifically for couples. This way, no matter the side you're on or position you’re in, you’ll be feeling supported.

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was $1949.00

For couples who sleep every which way, Nectar’s Premier Copper Mattress will be a home-run. The tall, supportive cooling mattress has five layers of comfort that cradle your body at any position, from your stomach to your back. It comes in Memory Foam and Hybrid models if you want the best of both worlds (or don’t like to make up your mind). Plus, all Nectars have a lifetime warranty. Hot tip: The brand typically has some sort of sale going on, so check it out if you’re looking for a good bargain.

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Emma Sleep
was $1199.00

You and your partner can kiss any aches and pains goodbye when you bring this bed into your life. The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress has a whopping seven support zones for extreme ergonomic support and spinal alignment. This design also ensures that every person, no matter their weight, feels cushioned throughout their rest. One night with this bed, and you’ll be feeling like a brand-new human.

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Like any good partner, this mattress is gentle and responsive. The Saatva Classic Mattress is made with what the brand calls a “Lumbar Zone,” which helps spinal alignment at every angle. One look at the reviews, and it’s evident that this mattress is a champion for achey sleepers who are sick of saggy, lumpy beds.

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Made with material originally designed by NASA (yes, NASA), TEMPER-Pedic’s Tempur-Adapt Mattress adapts like a true scientific success. The unique mattress isolates movements and motions so each partner will remain undisturbed from the motions of the other. Choose from eight sizes, three models, and two feels to create the bed of your dreams.

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was $2895.00

Last, but certainly not least, is the mattress my boyfriend and I absolutely adore. Casper’s Wave Hybrid Mattress somehow gives him all of the stability he craves, while also providing me with the cloud-like comfort I love. It keeps us each cool throughout the night, which is a major win, given that my boyfriend is an extremely hot sleeper. Plus, it helps relieve so many various aches and pains that come up with our active lifestyle. It’s such a good mattress that whenever we go on vacation, we crave coming back home just to sleep in our beloved bed once more. I’d recommend this to any couple who’s looking for the convenience of a boxed bed and the feeling of those advanced models you’d find at a depot store.