I’ve Tried Many Mops as a Cleaning Writer — This $40 Amazon Find is the Best for My Floors

published Feb 9, 2021
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Writing about Amazon customers’ favorite items is always dangerous for me. After I comb the reviews for feedback to find the products worth recommending to readers, I usually find myself convinced I need them all, too. Even if I already have something that works.

Every once in a while, I let myself give in to that “upgrade” impulse, and here’s one instance where it really paid off: this microfiber mop.

You see, I already had a microfiber mop that I used on our wood floors, along with a wood floor cleaner. And it worked just fine. But then we decided to rip up all the worn-out carpet in our house and had new floors put in to replace both it and the wood. We chose luxury vinyl plank, and even though it’s supposed to be “indestructible,” but I was still paranoid about using the wrong thing to clean it.

Then I remembered a microfiber mop I’d researched for a product roundup. Even then, it seemed like a functional improvement on my basic old mop, and I decided that the new floors were the occasion to finally buy it for myself.

After I got it home and used it just once, my other mop got the boot. Here are 5 reasons I think this might be the best microfiber mop you can buy:

It’s sturdy and grippy.

The handle is adjustable, which makes it comfortable to use, but it doesn’t feel rickety like many adjustable handles can. A solid handle helps me put my focus, energy, and even weight into mopping, which means my floors are getting a solid clean. The mop also clings to the mop heads well, something I appreciate every single time I put on a mop head and don’t have to wonder whether it’ll fall off once I start mopping.

It’s big. But in the exact right way.

It’s not so big that I can’t fit it into narrow spaces, like between the shoe basket and the bookshelf. But it’s big enough that using it on a couple thousand square feet doesn’t take forever.

It swivels really well.

Most microfiber mops swivel, but if they don’t swivel well, they’re just irritating. You end up fighting with your mop rather than (practically) dancing with it because it’s swiveling so smoothly.

It gets very flat.

With this mop, it’s actually easy to mop under low-to-the-floor furniture like the couch. Getting the dust bunnies under the furniture has become something I actually do rather than just know I need to, one day, when I move the furniture around.

I don’t need to use anything but water on my floors.

The mop comes with a dry-mop pad (drop mopping makes for a great first pass if you have lots of dust or small crumbs on the floor) and a couple of wet pads for more thorough cleaning. I just run the wet pad under water, squeeze it out a bit, and then affix it to the mop head and when I’m done, the floors shine. Using water as my cleaning solution is easy, free, totally non-toxic, and I’m not worrying about whether it’ll ruin my floors over the long run.

You can get the 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop on Amazon for $39.98.