34 Perfect Gifts for Your Friend Who Loves to Hit Snooze

updated Dec 13, 2021
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Portrait of young woman with sleep mask in bed.
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Between your racing thoughts as you try to wind down for the evening and temperature issues, a great night’s sleep can be hard to come by. That’s why quality rest is truly one of the best gifts you can give. Whether they need help easily drifting off at night, drowning out the noise of the bustling city out their window, or a reason to stop doom-scrolling, there’s a sleep-focused gift out there for your recipient. From silk eye masks and essential oil mists to comfy blankets and super-supportive pillows, we’ve rounded up 37 of the best sleep gifts out there. Pick up a few for the special people on your list — and maybe one or two for yourself. Sweet dreams!

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Something about the combination of sleep and silk just feels oh-so-right, and we love that this Best List winner is filled with the soothing scent of lavender and weighted by flax seeds to lull you into the perfect state of relaxation and sleep. A little birdie told us tennis star Venus Williams loves this eye mask, which comes in six dreamy colors, so we’re pretty convinced it’ll do its job of helping you sleep like a baby.

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For a truly dreamy night's sleep, look no further than this sheet set, made of 100 percent Belgian flax linen. The collection is pre-washed, so you don’t even need to break the sheets in — just hop into bed when you’re ready to catch some zzz's, and let the luxurious feel of these mid-weight sheets usher you into a satisfying rest.

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Rifle Paper Co.
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Nothing prompts a good night's sleep like a cozy pair of pajamas — bonus points if they're cute to boot. This set from Rifle Paper Co. boasts one of their signature whimsical prints and is made from silky soft, 100 percent recycled charmeuse that will have you snoozing in comfort and style.

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Available in a variety of classic and limited-edition colors, these sheets (another Best List winner) feel like an indulgence you'll want to gift to any loved ones who appreciate a welcoming and well-made bed. Made from 100 percent cotton, the 270-thread count set strikes the perfect balance between crisp and cool.

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This night light gives us all the feels, thanks to its self-dimming technology specially designed to transition you into a deep sleep. The soothing glow invites rest and relaxation and can also be used as a gentle wake-up aid when synced with the corresponding app.

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We’ve wondered what cozying up in the clouds feels like, and with this mattress topper, that dream can become more of a reality. Made of patented Temper material, this three-inch-thick topper with a removable cover is the instant upgrade your mattress has been needing. Read one AT editor's rave review!

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A good night’s rest should have you looking like you’re ready to take on the world, and this overnight facial treatment will work its magic to make sure you're rested and recharged. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C prime the skin while you sleep, which makes a brighter and better you in the morning.

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Nighttime rituals can be a helpful way to set the stage for a good night’s sleep, and this bath soak is perfect for winding down after a long day. Epsom salts soothe any achy muscles, while essential oils like lavender prepare your mind to rest.

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If you struggle to fall asleep (or stay asleep), you may want to give this nighttime tea a try. Specially formulated by a female herbalist, it boasts powerhouses like lavender, coconut, and oat straw in each sachet — you’ll wonder what took you so long to give this dreamy drink a try.

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Under the Canopy
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Cozy and cooling at the same time, these organic cotton sheets are the perfect way to level up your bedtime routine. The best part? They're OEKO-TEX Made in Green certified, which means they've been tested for harmful substances, made in environmentally friendly facilities, and produced in safe and socially responsible workplaces. Translation: You can rest easy knowing your pick is good for the earth, your wallet, and your bed.

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Nothing brings on a nap quicker than a cozy blanket, and this pick (a collab between Brooklinen and Pendleton) is the coziest. Made primarily of wool, it's woven in vibrant hues of orange, yellow, blue, and green, with graphic geometric shapes that make it a modern classic your recipient will have for years to come.

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Rifle Paper Co.

This sweet pillow is perfect for anyone looking to add a little fairytale romance to their bedroom. Designed by Rifle Paper Co., it boasts intricate embroidery reminiscent of the brand's signature hand-drawn botanicals. The light blue hue would go with a variety of different palettes, but one thing is for sure — it's absolutely dreamy.

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A layered bed is a beautiful bed and one of the key elements to the completed scene is a cozy quilt or throw. Enter this incredibly versatile Coyuchi piece, which Apartment Therapy editor Ivy calls the perfect layering blanket. The matelasse coverlet comes in a slew of gorgeous colors and adds just the right amount of texture and warmth to a bed.

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Uncommon Goods

Mindless scrolling can add several (and we mean several) hours to your bedtime every night, but it's a habit that's not always easy to stop. If this sounds like you — or someone you know — then this handy gadget from Uncommon Goods is an ideal addition to your nightly routine. The unplugged device has several settings to choose from, including guided body scans, nature sounds, and breathing exercises. Simply choose whatever you're in the mood for, set the timer, and drift off into a blissfully digital-free dreamland.

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Even the most basic bedroom can feel like a five-star hotel with Snowe Home's newest sateen sheet collection. The 400 thread count set is made from long-staple cotton that's super breathable (yay hot sleepers!) and incredibly smooth for a restful night's snooze you've previously only dreamed of.

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Free People

Ever woken up from a wacky dream wondering, "What the heck did that mean?" Yeah, us too. This deck of cards will help you decode your dreams, promising clarity on everything from flying without wings to showing up to the first day of school unprepared. They're perfect for anyone looking to get in touch with their intuition.

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Kate McLeod

If you have a pal who puts peak importance on self-care and the environment, this unique beauty product is for them. Kate McLeod's Body Stones soften on contact with warm skin, gliding on like the most decadent lotion all without the wasteful packaging. The Sleep Stone version boasts a soothing blend of chamomile and lavender for a relaxing and centering nightly ritual.

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Your nightly chamomile tea will feel all the more relaxing in this handmade ceramic mug featuring gilded sun and moon motifs and gold flecks. You have the choice between four chic shades, including midnight blue, sage green, soft cream, and pale pink.

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Turns out, privacy knockers aren't just for hotels. Whether you live with noisy roommates or have a friend who works the night shift and needs to catch zzz's during the day, this etched wood door hanger will ensure the noise stays at bay — or at least that no one knocks.

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Easily maintain your nighttime rituals and comforts while away from home with this travel-friendly sleep set that includes a soothing silk eye mask with a standard queen pillowcase to match. Both breathable and hypoallergenic, this machine-washable gear is sure to be a gift-giving fave this holiday season and beyond.

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This cozy honeycomb throw marries style with weighted blanket technology for a toss that's as pretty as it is calming. A subtle eight-pound weight will cool your nervous system while still looking stylish on your bed or couch.

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Hugs help the body feel good, and we’ve got all the feels for this neat little gadget that heats up to warm your heart and body as you hug it while lounging or sleeping. Bonus: You can freeze it for pain relief, too.

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Uncommon Goods

This overnight treatment gives neglected feet the pampering they deserve while you sleep, thanks to a simple application of rosemary-mint foot cream. And that’s not even the best part — you get to slip your feet into a pair of super-cozy night socks, too. Get ready, because your moisturized feet will want to thank you in the morning.

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This luxurious robe keeps you comfy as you prep for the “me time” that matters most: sleep. The available matching slippers make this Turkish cotton treat a must-have item.

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Take the weight of the world off your shoulders for a few hours with this weighted wonder blanket that has an added bonus: It heats up to provide maximum coziness as you minimize the worries of the day. Made from soft sherpa, it works overtime to beckon the bliss you seek during a good night’s rest.

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Calling all sweaty feet owners! (It's ok to admit it — we're all friends here). If you want a little cushion for your tootsies but would rather not sweat constantly, you'll love these slipper sandals from Minnetonka. Lined with a blend of faux fur and faux shearling, they boast a sturdy rubber sole, so there's no chance you'll slip on the way to the kitchen to grab a midnight snack.

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What’s better than silk you can wear? Silk you can wash, of course! We adore this washable silk PJ set because it’s low maintenance, non-binding (which is important when you’re trying to rest), and has thermoregulating properties that keep you cool as you sleep. Want it? So do we, trust.

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We love a great-smelling pillow spritz right before bed to make the transition from waking to sleeping more seamless (goodbye, racing thoughts!). This mist will help get you there, thanks to the magic of an essential oil medley (sage, peppermint, geranium, and lavender) that lulls your senses.

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Keep everything from your glasses and television remote to your journal at the ready atop this charming bedside shelf. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, it's perfect for small spaces where you just need a little more room. Simply attach it to your bed frame and get to relaxing, stat!

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Available in mid-loft and low-loft heights for customized comfort, this clump-resistant pillow (also available as a double pack, just in case you want to share the love) adjusts to your movements to create the perfect cradle for your head and neck while you sleep. We’re totally down with a pillow that mimics the feel of down and plumps back up with a simple fluff.

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We could all use a few tips and tricks on how to achieve better sleep, and this informative book (also available in Kindle and Audiobook formats) offers just that. Inside, you'll uncover fascinating findings about the act of sleep, along with easy, actionable ways to get more of the good stuff.

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This alarm clock boasts only the things you need and none of the extras you don't. With features like an easy-to-set alert, white noise sounds, and a gentle-fade nightlight, it'll allow you to keep your smartphone out of the bedroom.

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The White Company

Soothe your senses and set the stage for a relaxing night of rest with this crisp candle aptly named SLEEP. Six essential oils (including lavender, chamomile, and clary sage) make up the calming scent of this nightstand staple — just make sure to blow it out before you fall asleep.

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Riley Home

This Best List winner is the ultimate in cozy comfort, thanks to its European white goose-down composition. Extra warm and extremely cozy, this hot-ticket item sells out frequently, so if you’re thinking of gifting one (to yourself or someone else), we suggest not waiting too long.