These Are the Best States For Buying a Tiny Home

published Nov 14, 2021
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Credit: Sylvie Li

Yes, small spaces aren’t for everyone. You may need a crowd-sized home for your large family, or you might just enjoy having an extra couple of rooms for storage purposes and somewhere for guests to sleep. For those who do live in a home with less space, there’s plenty of ways you can utilize the room you do have—from making simple space-saving swaps to getting creative with your storage space.

If you’re looking to downsize and call a tiny house a home but are wondering where to start, financial company IPX1031 has crunched the numbers to find the best states to live in if you’re looking for a super small home.

Taking into account cost, median income, and livability, as well as local rules and regulations for building and buying a tiny home, the five best states for tiny homes are as follows:

1. Georgia

Average tiny home price: $43,819
Median income: $61,980

With income outweighing the price of tiny homes, Georgia came out on top. Northern Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country, so it’s the ideal location for those who are a fan of outdoor living.

2. Texas

Average tiny home price: $48,120
Median income: $64,034

Tiny living in Texas comes in at number two. Everything might be bigger in Texas, but it doesn’t mean your home has to be.

3. Kansas

Average tiny home price: $35,500
Median income: $62,087

Tiny homes in Kanas are some of the most affordable on the list, and with a low cost of living and a median income of $62,087, you’ll get more for your money here.

4. Florida

Average tiny home price: $50,460
Median income: $59,227

If the warmer weather is what you’re craving, you’re in luck. Florida is a great place to live if you’re looking for a tiny home.

5. California

Average tiny home price: $74,917
Median income: $80,440

You may be surprised to know that California took the fifth spot in the best states to buy a tiny home. For those who’re looking to buy a tiny home on wheels, the Golden State has the highest percentage of state and local park space.