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12 Of the Biggest and Best Hampers for Super-Size Laundry Days

updated Apr 11, 2020
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Shortly after I moved in with my partner, I did a bunch of laundry and basked in the joy of an empty hamper…only to have him come home and fill it to the brim with one day’s-worth of work clothes. We’re gonna need a bigger hamper…

Of course, not everyone works a brutally physical job outdoors year-round in the Midwest (in below-zero weather this requires a LOT of clothing for warmth, and in the warmer months this necessitates a LOT of clothing for protection from fire, thorns, chemicals, etc), but I know I’m not alone. When I wrote Laundry Supplies: 19 Insanely Handy Helpers, commenter sprayfaint wrote, “Every hamper I see is WAY too small for my use — how often do people do laundry?? I’d love to evolve from bags-on-the-floor but these just won’t cut it.” Here are 12 generously-proportioned hampers for everyone from folks with dirty jobs to those who can’t schlepp to the laundromat every two days.

A hardworking laundry bag at an unbeatable price. Stack multiples next to each other for sorting.

Light enough to carry to the laundry room, nice enough to leave out in the bedroom or bathroom.

A beautiful, modern design for a utilitarian item.

This rolling laundry sorter with removable bags has four compartments, for when you need to sort a whole lot of laundry.

An oversized sorter for a whole lot of laundry. The mesh bins allow you to see at a glance how full each compartment is.

For a bit of a French laundry look. The inner liner is removable for transport to the laundry room or laundromat.

It’s jaunty! And that’s not a thing you can say for most hampers.

The simple design of this canvas hamper would fit beautifully into any style of home. Also available in a smaller size for $44.

With two compartments for handy sorting.

A lovely laundry hamper that you won’t be afraid to leave out. The inner liner is removable and turns into a laundry bag for transport.

A heavy-duty canvas laundry truck suitable for transporting laundry all over the house (or even greater distances than that). Available in a variety of colors (and also in a two-compartment sorter version here).

Beautiful handmade baskets that will add a little color to your bedroom or bathroom.

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