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This kids' room in Memphis definitely got the pattern trend memo.

The 10 Biggest Kids Room Trends to Know for 2023, According to Designers

published Jan 30, 2023
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To start out the year, we’re zeroing in on the trends that will dominate kids’ rooms in 2023. We called on our favorite designers, almost all who happen to be parents themselves to ask: What kid room trends are you seeing on the rise, and why? Their answers range from a clever paint trick to an overarching trend towards safer materials. Read on to find out what these design pros are seeing in their crystal balls:

Credit: Lissa Gotwals for Bartone Interiors

No More Neutrals

Annie Obermann, Principal Designer at Forge & Bow says she predicts pattern, pattern—and more pattern. “People have been playing it safe with neutrals for more than a decade. I think people are becoming more comfortable with bold expression, infusing multiple patterns and bold colors to create an eclectic space,” she says.

Caroline Brackett of Caroline Brackett Studio of Design agrees, “In recent years, there have been a lot of neutral kids rooms and nurseries, but that is becoming a thing of the past as bolder rooms take center stage,” she says. “We are seeing a lot of unexpected color combinations that are coming through patterned wallpaper, paint colors, and fabrics.”

Creative Room Dividers

“I predict that we’ll see more creative room divisions in the year ahead,”  says Roberto Gil, the owner of Casa Kids, a custom furniture maker based in Brooklyn. “We are getting more requests for room partitions because building managers and boards in New York City won’t allow contractors to create room partitions. Instead we make room dividers as removable cabinetry.” And the need to partition rooms is not limited to city dwellers: With many families choosing to stay put while housing prices and mortgage rates remain high, creative room divisions are likely to become more popular. 

Credit: Costa Christ Photography for Urbanology Designs

Multi-Function Designs

“I feel like kids’ rooms are getting a lot more multifunctional,” says Ginger Curtis, founder of Urbanology Designs. “It’s not just a bedroom anymore… it has zones: Sleeping zones, work zones, organizational zones.” She points out that you also don’t need a large bedroom to get all this functionality. “There are a lot of creative ways to work with small spaces.”

Next-Level Kid Art

“Lately, we’ve gotten more and more requests from clients to incorporate their kids’ art into their bedroom in new and interesting ways,” says Julia Miller, founder of Yond Interiors, who sees parents wanting to personalize the spaces and encourage their kids’ creativity. “In 2023, we’ll see people incorporating kids’ artwork in interesting ways beyond the classic corkboard, like collages or custom screen-printed textiles.” 

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are huge in tween rooms right now, according to mom of two Bethany Adams, the founder of Bethany Adams Interiors. “Hanging chairs look super-cool and will impress their friends, which is sometimes the point of tween rooms,” she laughs. But Adams also loves installing a classic swing into a younger kid’s room, if there’s the space to do so safely. “Just be sure to have a qualified handyman or contractor install the hardware into the ceiling joists above and be clear about proper swinging form!” she adds.

Credit: Claire Esparros for Arditi Design

Bunk Beds Are Back

Rozit Arditi, Principal at Arditi Design, predicts design firms will be installing more bunk beds in 2023. “Bunk beds are often seen as a small space solution, which is true, but they can be used for kids’ rooms big or small to maximize the floor space and create additional sleeping areas for sleepovers.” (Pssst … if you are thinking about a bunk, Cubby’s got you covered with this guide to bunk beds. We’ve got great bunk accessory ideas, too.)

Low VOC Is Key

Kristin Bartone, founder of Bartone Interiors sees sustainable, “clean” furnishings as an important and rising trend in kids rooms. “Environmental toxins have a disproportionately high effect on children,” Bartone points out. “Organic, natural materials like sustainably-sourced cotton and the natural fibers are key in keeping your kids’ space toxin-free from the start.”

Colorful Millwork and Trim

Leigh Anne Schurr, special projects manager at Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design, points to a very specific trend: colorful millwork and trim. “A kid’s room is an area of your home where you can experiment with color and playful patterns,” says Rodgers. “Our clients are forgoing the traditional white trim and millwork and using a contrasting color instead.” Alison from @houseabovetheriver painted the millwork in her kid’s room, as shown above.

Credit: Design: Cecilia Casagrande; Photos: Sean Litchfield

Non-Binary Design 

Wallpaper has been trending in kids rooms for years, but Michael Cox, principal at foley&cox, sees a shift towards “modern, sophisticated, and abstract wallcoverings.” He notes, “Broader color options are available to address gender neutral and non-binary considerations. Plus, the abstract patterns allow the foundation of the room to evolve as the child grows—simple updates of art and accessories can now take a room from newborn to preteen.”

Cozy Spaces

“We are seeing a need for a smaller, safe spaces,” says Samantha Struck of StruckSured Interiors. Struck believes that kids had a rough time coping with COVID and that their space can help them “truly rest, process, and hide from the world.” Think elements like hammocks, bunk beds that can be closed with curtains, and bed canopies to enclose their sleeping space. “Any chance to re-enforce security within the space will be huge for helping kiddos feel at peace and a sense of calm.” Cozy bed nooks fit in here, too!

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