24 of the Best Gifts For Netflix Binge-Watching Fanatics

updated Nov 15, 2021
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We all know someone who cancels plans to finish bingeing their favorite show, or who knows exactly what is arriving and leaving Netflix any given month. The holidays are the perfect time to enable their Netflix habit, with gifts that make a movie marathon more comfortable and merch from their favorite on-screen characters.

Whether they imagine themselves in the Bridgerton House or simply need to spice up their Netflix snacks, each gift says: “I know, I know: You’re still watching.”

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A little reading motivation for Bridgerton fans: this dashing Duke bookmark. And isn’t it just like a royal gentleman to patiently hold your page for you? This would make the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant gift for your book club.

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Pinch Provisions

This adorable set combines the practical and hilarious, ensuring your friend will never need to leave the couch during a major binge session. Pinch Provisions has thought of everything: There are face wipes (to make it look like you’ve showered, and not just sat staring at your screen), coasters for your movie night drink-of-choice, a die for helping you choose your next show, and even a guide to doing yoga — on your couch. Add Professional Netflix Binger to your resume ASAP.

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Any Anglophile was probably obsessed with Princess Diana long before she made waves on "The Crown." This colorful illustration of her most iconic fashion moments would look great in a home office. You can choose the best size for your space, and the shop has plenty of other royal-inspired prints (like wedding dresses!) to choose from.

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Anyone remember Sandra Oh’s hilarious nameplate in "The Chair?" If you saw it and immediately pictured it on your work wife's desk, here's one that is slightly less NSFW but still helps them channel Oh’s boss energy. Plus, it communicates to coworkers that they don’t have time for any… um, nonsense.

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West Elm

If a break from watching Netflix ever happens, they might want to brush up on their movie knowledge. This creative pop culture game tests their knowledge of everything from Hollywood to cult-classics. If they’re really into movies, it’s a guaranteed game they’ll win.

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Comfort is important when you’re spending a rainy day inside watching TV. This pillow is particularly good for someone who spends a lot of time watching their shows in bed because it supports the lower back, promoting good posture, but also has cup holders, promoting good snacking.

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Speaking of comfort, anyone who is a homebody knows the importance of good slippers. But how often do you think to replace them? It may be time to get your friend a brand new pair of super-fluffy slip-ons they can wear during movie marathons.

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was $109.99

This portable projector will help anyone level up their movie nights or TV marathons. They can turn any wall (preferably a white wall, for image quality) into a quasi-home theater! Compatible with smartphones, laptops, Fire Sticks, and beyond, this is one of those “I never realized how much I wanted this” gift for Netflix fanatics.

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was $25.99

While fans eagerly await season four, they can play an Upside Down-version of Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will’s favorite multi-player game. This version combines typical Dungeons & Dragons quests with unique "Stranger Things" elements, like an Adventure Book authored by Mike Wheeler and a few Demogorgon figures to battle.

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Urban Outfitters
was $35.00

Many Netflix fans became obsessed with chess following "The Queens Gambit," but how many actually learned how to play? This portable roll-up set with flat wooden players means no more excuses: You can learn anywhere, at any time. Pair it with a book on chess fundamentals and strategy for a true newbie.

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West Elm

Help them prepare for winter watch parties by cozying up their living room or den. This soft cotton throw comes in different colors and patterns to match perfectly to any couch or reading chair. Each blanket is also woven by hand, which makes it unique to the recipient!

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was $24.99

This official companion to Netflix’s hilarious baking competition offers tips and tricks to bakers looking to uplevel their dessert game. There are plenty of resources throughout the book to make sure that as you take on "Nailed It"-inspired challenges, you never fail to make something delicious.

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If you’ve spent time with the crew at Moordale High, your favorite character is (probably) Eric Effiong. These socks honor one of his best one-liners and one of his coolest outfits. Plus, everyone needs a pair of socks that makes them laugh.

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The book is usually better than the movie or show, but it’s possible "Lupin" is the one show where both materials are equally awesome. "Lupin" fans can read the source material with this mystery collection (and possibly getting some hints as to future plot lines and escapades).

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From Coach Steve’s signature beverage to Jessie’s dad’s secret gummy stash, these fun soy candles represent the best scents of the hit Netflix series. They come in multiple sizes and the soy wax — a clean, non-toxic alternative to paraffin — burns longer than an average candle of the same size (up to 55 hours).

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was $99.00

There is a large intersection on the Venn diagram of people who love watching TV and those whose motto is “treat yourself.” If you know that person, this is a luxurious choice for the holidays. As fluffy as a plush towel or a fancy hotel robe, this is the perfect way to up their loungewear game.

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was $35.00

For those quick catnaps between seasons or shows, this Casper pillow is portable and comfortable—making it easy to grab a quick snooze and then get back to bingeing. Know a friend who loves downloading Netflix movies for plane rides? This ergonomic mini pillow will make those in-flight watch sessions much more enjoyable.

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Though "Ozark" is coming to an end with this upcoming season, this travel mug is the perfect souvenir for fans to hold on to from the show. The Blue Cat Lodge is one of the few real-life locations fans can visit (though it’s now called “JD’s On the Lake”), making this gift authentic and useful. Just remind the recipient that this mug is best hand-washed to preserve its quality.

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Just because "Schitt’s Creek" is over doesn’t mean fans won’t continue to watch (and rewatch) this feel-good, hilarious family show. For the friend who is still quoting the Rose family regularly, this trendy embroidered hat — which comes in multiple colors — is the perfect gift.

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Anyone would appreciate the gift of Netflix — aka permission to stay in for the weekend and binge old favorite movies and new favorite shows. Gift a friend a few months of the service (it’s $9 to $18 per month, depending on the plan) and recommend a few originals they can’t miss. Then invite yourself over for movie night!

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Can you believe? This book captures the inspiration, hilarity, and warmth of the Fab 5, and is almost as good as a "Queer Eye" marathon. Not only is the book full of great advice (like how to finally master Tan’s French tuck), but you can get to know the QE crew even better.

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Maybe you have a friend who doesn’t have a single show they love, but rather a genre. Like, say, true crime? If they’re the type that hunkers down every Saturday night with a new murder documentary, this mug is the perfect nod to their dark obsession.

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"Emily In Paris" may not be the most realistic show on Netflix, but it’s certainly beautiful to watch. From the clothes to the Parisian scenery, every moment in the show makes you want to move to France and live off of baguettes. This beautiful coffee table book is a nice way to add a bit of that chicness into your apartment.

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For the friend who loves Never Have I Ever, gift them a Devi-inspired bucket hat! Devi had so many great tie-dye sweatshirts throughout the seasons, but since bucket hats are suddenly trendy again, Eleanor would want any NHIE fan to be on — and ahead — of the fashion game.