Biomorphic Blobjects Are On the Rise, and They’re Anything but Boring

published Jan 18, 2021
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Katie Zamprioli's pink bathroom remodel that features a foam stool

Biomorphic ceramics and decorative items are beginning to creep their way into the mainstream, and they’re sure to add a dose of the unexpected to your home. Whether it’s a blobby vase or a warped, squiggly candle stick holder, these accents can provide a funky, fun focal point on a table or mantel in a snap.

Some of these pieces take on the shape of barnacle-covered treasures under the sea or look like they could have washed up in the foamy tide of the ocean. Others look like they’re melting scoops of ice cream. While these pieces might not be for everyone, one thing is for sure: This trend is anything but boring, and these silhouettes certainly carry the imprint of whatever artisan has made them, often by hand. If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path for your place, start with these seven ugly-pretty biomorphic decorative — and functional — accents.

White And Red Spotted Tea Set

This clay stoneware set will have your guests doing a double take. The exterior is made out of blobby white clay, and the entire thing is handmade and hand-built without a wheel. Dubbed the “Cloud Tea Set,” these organic shapes will meld perfectly into your hands and make quite the style statement during afternoon tea.

Buy: White And Red Spotted Tea Set, $155.00 $116.25 for the 5-Piece Set from Etsy

Credit: Cool Machine

Paper Clay Vases

These striking paper clay vases are not only fun to look at, but they’re also sustainably made. Hand-built from paper clay using recycled paper, each piece is one-of-a-kind and comes in a variety of shades.

Buy: Vase With Handles Shura And Mio De La Jardin, Starting at $100.00 from Cool Machine

Credit: Burke Decor

Blob Candle

These blob-like candles from Areaware are some of the cheapest picks on the block. Put one on your coffee table or nightstand and watch its amorphous shape change as it burns.

Buy: Goober Candle, $24.00 from Burke Decor

Credit: Hay

Candlestick Holder

This ceramic candlestick holder exists at the intersection of digital and physical forms, organically shaped as a 3D model before being digitally printed and then molded in stoneware at a ceramic factory. Choose from two shades, this soft yellow or an equally alluring light lavender.

Buy: W&S Soft Candle Holder, $60.00 from Hay

Credit: Etsy

Trinket Tray

This blobby trinket tray’s shape and markings remind me of the globs inside of a lava lamp. It’d make a cute little accent on your nightstand or right by your bathroom sink for ring and bracelet safekeeping.

Buy: Blobby Trinket Tray, $40.00 from Etsy

Blue Foam Lamp

There is something supple and interesting about this foamy lamp designed by Joseph Algieri. It’s both unsettling and pretty, making for quite the conversation piece in your living room.

Buy: Blue Foam Lamp, $175.00 from Fredericks and Mae

Ceramic Table Lamp

This textured terracotta lamp is bent into a wobbly curve and looks like something that would be a part of a sand castle. This makes it both abstract and whimsical, and if you’re trying to dip your toe into this trend, there’s still something classic about this piece, too, that makes it a good gateway item.

Buy: Ceramic Table Lamp, $198.00 from Anthropologie