This Powerful Handheld Vacuum Is so Stylish, I Actually Want to Leave It Out on Display

published Oct 21, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

More often than not, we have a dedicated space for our home cleaning tools (and probably more than one, at that!). Depending on the size of your home, vacuum storage might become a creative task. Many of my relatives have enough room to keep both their upright and handheld vacuums in a closet, but as the anomaly of the bunch, I don’t have that kind of space. However, that doesn’t mean I want to leave the devices out in plain sight. There’s one machine that has officially challenged my norm, though: the BISSELL AeroSlim, an attractive handheld vacuum that’s chic enough to be left out in the open.

The BISSELL AeroSlim is a sleek handheld vacuum that really doesn’t look like a vacuum at first glance. Its storage stand keeps both the hand vac and its brush and crevice tool contained, so there aren’t a lot of spare parts to deal with. The filter and USB charging cord are even small enough to fit inconspicuously into a drawer. I love the convenience of handheld vacuums, so I’ve come into contact with plenty. The AeroSlim is the first one that I haven’t felt compelled to keep hidden away with the other vacuums behind the door of my laundry room. Instead, it sits proudly on top of a bookshelf!

If you live in a small space and don’t want cleaning tools that contribute further to clutter, the AeroSlim is a great option! It’s compact and can fit into tight spaces without drawing too much attention to itself. The hand vac looks like a piece of decor, actually! It’s not until you get close to it and see the brand and power button that you realize it’s not quite as it seems. Additionally, though the brush attachment sits on the storage stand, it can be kept hidden behind the vacuum.

It takes roughly three and a half hours to charge the BISSELL AeroSlim before using it for the first time. Because it conveniently sits in my living room, I can access it quickly and easily to spot-clean any crumbs and other small messes that aren’t worth pulling out my full upright vacuum. To empty, the front of the AeroSlim comes off with a simple twist, allowing me to dump the dirt and reattach it in seconds. The hand vac also comes with an extra reusable filter, so when one has been washed and rinsed, you don’t have to wait around until it’s finished air-drying to replace the filter in the unit.

I was most excited to share information about the AeroSlim with my younger brother, who’s currently living on his college campus, because of how well it blends into a room. There isn’t a lot of space in dorms, but they still have to be kept clean; and I know I would have loved tools that don’t necessarily look… industrial. The BISSELL AeroSlim lets me know that it’s possible to have cleaning supplies that not only get the job done, but look fantastic doing it.