This $30 Amazon Find Makes Cleaning Crusty Microwaves and Stovetops a Total Breeze

published Aug 25, 2021
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If you use your kitchen regularly (and since you’re here, we’re betting you do!), it’s going to get a little messy. Even with daily cleaning tasks, like sweeping and wiping down counters, grease, dust, and other unidentified *ickiness* will build up on hard-to-clean areas over time. Enter: The Bissell SteamShot — aka the $30 answer to all of your kitchen cleaning problems.  

The SteamShot is a small handheld tool that uses steam to power away messes from grime and dirt — even sticky food spills. It uses high-heat steam and a powerful nozzle, meaning it’s chemical- and product-free: Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you won’t have to buy additional cleaners to tackle messes. Unlike many other steam cleaners, this is truly lightweight: At a little over three pounds, reviewers noted that they didn’t experience arm fatigue while cleaning.

There’s no assembly required, making it super easy to use straight out of the box. It does come with six different attachments for different tasks. Particularly helpful is the flat scraper, ideal for surfaces with crusted-on food — like your microwave door. The SteamShot also comes with scrub brushes, which are amazing on greasy stovetops (not to mention, sinks and hard-to-reach areas, like handles and drawer pulls). If you’ve got tile in your kitchen, you’re going to be particularly excited about the grout tool. #adulting 

It’s rare that we find a cleaning product that truly lives up to the hype, but thousands of five-star Amazon reviews here don’t lie: Customers love this thing. One reviewer praised the “very sturdy brush attachment” that restored their kitchen tile’s grout to basically new. It’s worth browsing for the before-and-after pictures, alone: One happy customer’s grimy, stained vent hoods practically sparkled after the SteamShot.

Thanks to the color-coded brushes, you can use this tool for way more than your kitchen, and one reviewer did: “​​Wow. I got this thing and ended up randomly spending 3 hours blasting all the tile in my home.” I’ll admit it was this review that prompted me to add a Bissell SteamShot to my own Amazon cart because, again, #adulting. If you’re equally excited about that truly squeaky-clean feeling, you’re definitely going to want to grab a Bissell SteamShot from Amazon. For that kind of satisfaction, $30 is a true bargain.

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