Bloomscape Just Dropped a New Line of Cacti That Will Bring the Desert to Your Desk

updated Mar 24, 2020
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lifestyle image of office desk with cactus
Credit: Bloomscape

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or veteran plant parent, you can’t go wrong with a cactus: they’re stylish, affordable, hard to kill, and propagable. And as of today, Bloomscape is enticing plant lovers everywhere with their new line of cacti that they’ll deliver right to your door. 

The online plant shop launched their new cacti line called the Mojave Collection, curated by Bloomscape’s very own Plant Mom, Joyce Mast. The bundle is complete with three different species. From Bullwinkle cactus with large green pads to the cylindrical Golden Barrel, this collection ranges in shape and size—and you can snag all three for $80. See below for a breakdown of what care goes into each cactus, provided by Plant Mom herself, plus a few other cacti available on Bloomscape.

Credit: Bloomscape

Bullwinkle Cactus

Make sure to use gloves and tongs tongs when handling this prickly plant. While the Bullwinkle does well in direct sunlight, it can also adapt to and thrive in indirect light. For watering, you can wait until the cactus is almost visibly wrinkling before giving it a good lukewarm drink, and make sure to empty the saucer of any standing water. 

Credit: Bloomscape

Fairy Castle 

Similar to the Buckwinkle, this cactus thrives best in direct sunlight but can also do well in indirect light. Be sure to turn the Fairy Castle frequently so new sections of the plant can sun, otherwise the plant will start to lean. You can wait to water it until the soil is completely dry, and keep in mind that it won’t tolerate saturated roots and/or soil. In order to avoid overwatering, water near the base while trying to keep the cactus’s column dry.

Credit: Bloomscape

Golden Barrel 

This is another cactus that requires gloves, or you can wrap the plant in cloth while you work on it. Again, direct sunlight is best, but indirect is also acceptable.  Once you see that your Golden Barrel is wrinkling a bit, that’s your sign to give it a good drink with lukewarm water. 

Credit: Bloomscape

Prickly Pear

Wear gloves when handling the Prickly Pear. If possible, place this cactus on the southeast or west-facing window sill where it can receive direct sunlight. In the winter, you can transition the Prickly Pear into bright indirect light, then gradually reintroduce it to direct light in the spring. Wait to water until it’s completely dried out and about to wrinkle, and in the winter you might only need to water it one to two times.

Credit: Bloomscape

Hedge Cactus

The Hedge is one of the cacti that need as much sunlight as possible in the spring, summer, and fall to get through the darker months. Direct sunlight is best, although it can handle indirect sunlight, and turn it frequently so all sides of the Hedge get rays. Only water your cactus when it’s completely dry, and make sure to water near the base since it doesn’t handle completely saturated roots or soil well.