Bloomscape’s Brand-New Line Is Making Outdoor Gardening Super Beginner-Friendly

updated Feb 23, 2021
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Credit: Bloomscape

The extra time at home this past year turned a lot of people into first-time plant parents. It makes sense: Tending to a plant can feel like a calming, productive hobby, and having some greenery around can make the indoors feel (a tiny bit) like being outside.

So after you’ve conquered your first indoor houseplant, what’s next? An outdoor plant, of course!

It can be tough to figure out which plants can be planted together and where they should go. Fortunately, favorite houseplant resource Bloomscape just launched a new line that makes things way easier for outdoor planter newbies: outdoor bloom kits that you can pot in the early days of spring for color all summer.

Like Bloomscape’s indoor plants, the kits come delivered to your door; unlike the indoor plants, these come as a set of small starters in accent kits (including just a single variety) or combination kits (including three varieties).

Credit: Bloomscape

The accent kits come with six plants, which is enough to fill two 8- to 10-inch containers — making them perfect for a small spot like a balcony or front porch. The combination kits are the real winners of this collection, though, since they take the guesswork out of creating a container garden. Since Bloomscape chooses three plants that look good together and all have similar light and water requirements, you don’t have to worry about some plants thriving while others suffer from lack of (or too much) sun.

Credit: Bloomscape

As with all Bloomscape offerings, each kit comes with detailed plant care instructions; it also comes with a beginner-friendly how-to guide for planting (though potting soil and planters are sold separately), and your first application of outdoor fertilizer.

Best part? Bloomscape sends the plants to you so that they arrive after your zone’s predicted last frost date, so you don’t have to fret about timing your order correctly.

Credit: Bloomscape

Because the kits come in different sizes and shapes, they’ll accommodate outdoor gardens in sizes that range from a window box or ledge all the way to a patio centerpiece. There are also options to suit virtually any lighting condition, from full sun to partly shaded.

While highlights of the 24-piece collection include plenty of colorful, easy-grow annuals like petunias and impatiens, there are also flower-free options, like the coleus mix shown above.

Accent kits include six small plants starting at $40; combination kits come in two sizes and start at $45. Both are available for order now — spring will be here before you know it!