The Best Blue Living Room Wall Colors, According to Real Estate Agents

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Considering switching your living room from “light and airy” (read: stark renter’s white) to something more calming? Splash some blue paint on the walls. According to HGTV, blue “evokes feelings of calm and freshness, and represents strength and dependability.” Sounds like a great environment to relax after work and recharge on the weekends, doesn’t it?

Now that we’ve got that squared away, here comes the hard part: What shade to choose? To make the choice a little easier, I reached out to some unexpected experts who’ve spent countless hours in living rooms of every color: real estate agents. They know which shades of blue end up working well (and why they work), as well as which ones you should avoid at all costs. Here, four real estate experts share their tips on how to pick out the right hue for you.

Blue walls are trending and can be such a welcome change provided you pick the right hue of blue. Here, our experts share their tips on picking the right blue (as well as some of their favorite shades).

1. Think comfort

“Living rooms should be comforting,” says Ben Mizes, a Realtor and CEO of Clever, a company that pairs home buyers and sellers with real estate agents. To this end, he recommends cooler blues cut with a hint of gray to create a sense of calm. Two of his favorites for living rooms? Behr’s Saga Blue and Blue Chalk.

2. Don’t be afraid of the dark

You might not immediately think of deeper hues when you think “calm” or “comforting.” But Bennett Leifer, an interior designer in New York City, says that, in spacious, well-lit rooms (think high ceilings and killer views), dark hues like Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Blue can invoke peaceful tranquility in your living room.

3. Warm it up

Prefer an energizing vibe for your living room? Shawn Breyer, owner of We Buy Houses Atlanta, says to stick with warmer blues with green and yellow undertones. He says shades like Behr’s Turquoise Blue are lively and positive but won’t over-stimulate.

“When we show homes with living rooms painted these colors, we get a really positive response—so much that we recommend to our clients that they use these blues when they’re freshening up their home,” Breyer says.

4. Go bold—but not too bright

Not a person who shies away from color? Yazeed Bakri, a real estate agent at Leopard Real Estate in Troy, Michigan, says to go for it:

“One of my clients painted the living room a teal color [PPG’s Thai Teal] and it stood out so well,” he says.

Bakri says that light, cheerful blues will work best in living rooms if they’re very easy on the eyes. And don’t go too bright—especially if you’re thinking of selling anytime soon.

“Keep in mind that a bright aquamarine might match your style but it may scare off buyers,” Mizes says. “When considering what color to paint your living room, you should opt for a blue that has a wide appeal, but isn’t too boring.”

Thinking blue isn’t your hue? Try one of these other living room colors to refresh your space.

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