This Hidden Amazon Store Is Filled With Games You’ll Want to Leave Out When You’re Done

published Mar 8, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

One of the most enduring memories of my mom’s house is the chaotic jumble of board games stacked under and around an antique credenza in her dining room. Her home has always had less space for storage than stuff in need of storing, and while our collection of vintage and crowd-favorite board games kept us entertained on family game nights and the rare rainy day in Los Angeles, there was never a good way to put the games back when we were done with them. As a result, I spent much of my adulthood with an ill-placed aversion to board games in my own home, scarred by the joyful but precarious stacks in my mom’s house.

That all changed last year when, like so many other people, I suddenly found myself spending a lot of time at home and in need of a good hobby or two. Ever the multitasker, I wanted games that would not only entertain but would look good in the process — basically, boxes that I wouldn’t mind leaving out as decor if needed.

That’s when I stumbled on a digital storefront on Amazon dedicated to custom and beautiful renditions of time-honored favorites. Run by Galison — which specializes in stationary, puzzles, and games — the store features contemporary twists on your favorite board games, with designs geared toward architecture-lovers and your most fashionable friend alike. Here are just eight of the most beautiful games on offer:

Dominoes Inspired by an Architecture Icon

These colorful wood dominoes will take any game — or even building a row of dominoes meant to fall in line — to the next level. They also come in a pretty wooden box, which will serve as a stylish objet on your coffee table or bookcase.

Fashionable Playing Cards

These whimsical, kaleidoscopic playing cards will be right at home with any fashion lover. If your friend collects issues of “Vogue” and is constantly windowscrolling fashion sites and Pinterest for outfit ideas, this is the gift for them.

A Color-Coordinated Multitasker

If you or someone you know is indecisive about what game to invest in, this colorful two-in-one pick will keep you entertained for hours. And if you’re a minimalist, you’ll save space – why stock both checkers and a backgammon set when you have a game that does both?

An On-The-Go Option

What if your board game was also a scarf? This printed bandana is as functional as it is eye-catching — and the game comes with wooden pieces and an easy drawstring pouch for an impromptu game almost anywhere.

The Ultimate in Unkillable Houseplants

It’s no secret that houseplants are having a renaissance, but whether you’re botanically inclined or not, you can spend hours brushing up your card game skills with this verdant deck of cards.

Cards With a New Kind of Message

These playing cards would be perfect in any kid’s room — their bright primary colors offset illustrations of some of the most impactful women in recent history, from Sally Ride to Malala Yousafzai. Give your little ones a history lesson as you play together.

An Animal-Lover’s Memory Game

Test your recall ability with this memory game featuring plenty of animals in hipster-ready suits, sunglasses, and more.

And you can’t go wrong with a stunning puzzle.

Shaped puzzles up the ante for jigsaw lovers — with few true “corner” pieces, it can take a while to map out your outline. But your patience will pay off in a stunning puzzle that is ready for you to frame when you’re done.