Move Over, Mid-Century Tapered Legs! This Old-School Furniture Trend Is Back Big Time

published Aug 29, 2022
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Credit: Elissa Crowe

Victorian trends are a part of many of today’s home design elements, whether you notice them or not. Some are obvious, like the comeback of old china cabinets for plants and knickknack display or the resurgence of retro plate walls, à la Gwyneth Paltrow in her Architectural Digest editorial. Subtle trends sneak through, too, though, like introducing marble fireplaces as room focal points or playing with maximalism as a whole. (Fun fact: Maximalism began trending during the 19th century when home goods were first mass produced; the middle class filed their homes with bric-a-brac to signal wealth — not only because you needed money to buy things but because you needed servants to dust all of them!) 

Clearly, Victorian styles constantly make their way back into the zeitgeist. One that’s having a moment right now? Wooden furniture with bubble legs. These spool-shaped designs are called “bobbin” legs, and they were trendy in the late 1600s, only to have a resurgence in the mid-1800s. Now bobbin legs are having another moment in 2022, thanks to the popularity of vintage-inspired aesthetics, from Grandmillennial interiors to the TikTok-inspired Coastal Grandmother spaces. Here are some ways to introduce this typically wooden furniture trend into your own home right now.

Credit: Birch Lane

Beckett Solid Wood Bed

If you’ve been keeping up with the Grandmillennial aesthetic, then you have probably seen the bobbin bed in a good amount of inspiration spaces. The spool posts add an objet d’art touch to any bedroom that leans traditional in style.

Buy: Beckett Solid Wood Bed, $654.00 for a Queen Size from Birch Lane

Credit: Wayfair

Anelys Wide Armchair

Bring a little decorative but understated flair to your living room with the help of a bobbin armchair. This model’s seat is extra-wide, making it the perfect thing to curl up in when watching TV or reading a book. It also comes in a wide variety of wood finishes.

Buy: Anelys Wide Armchair, Starts at $539.99 from Wayfair

Olivia Turned Leg Table

The bobbin style became popular in the 17th century during a time when people began to put a higher premium on craftsmanship. Public demand for more elaborate furniture that doubled as art increased, and that’s partly why these pieces are having a comeback today. A splurge-worthy bobbin table provides an impressive focal point in the dining room — you won’t need to furnish much around this stunner!

Buy: Olivia Turned Leg Table, $2,910.00 from Carpenter James

Credit: Amazon

Madison Park Marlowe Spherical Mirror

If you want to dip a toe into this classic style, try experimenting with a mirror first. You can hang this bubble design anywhere from your entryway to your living room to see how it interacts with the pieces you already own. If you like the way it looks, you can expand into multiple furniture pieces. What’s nice about this style is that it’s metal, too. While this trend’s traditionally best executed in wood, metal gives this piece more of a modern bent.

Buy: Madison Park Marlowe Spherical Mirror, $166.99 $141.99 from Amazon

Credit: Walmart

Safavieh Athena Solid 1 Drawer Accent Table

This budget-friendly nightstand can add a subtle Victorian touch to your bedroom. It can either seamlessly blend in with other antiques you already have in the space, or add a vintage contrast to modern bedroom furniture.

Buy: Safavieh Athena Solid 1 Drawer Accent Table, $119.99 $100.00 from Walmart

Credit: Target

Repeat Floor Lamp

With their embroidered and fringed shades, some Victorian-inspired lamps can come across as stuffy. If you want something a little more subtle, choose a bobbin style instead, where the focus is on the frame and not the shade. This particular model comes in either a black or cream colorway.

Buy: Repeat Floor Lamp, Starts at $61.99 from Target