21 of the Most Beautiful Bohemian Style Home Designs

updated May 3, 2019
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You can find definitions of Bohemian style decor online. They’re described as spaces filled with lots of plants, colors, patterns, rattan, and stuff. You can even take online quizzes to see if “Bohemian” style is for you. But while all of these adjectives are technically true, boho decor has always been a “I know it when I see it” sort of style for me. While “boho” can certainly refer to a set of design elements mixed together, to me, it’s much more of a description of the energy that a space can exude.

“Blend colors and fabrics with abandon. Tend happy plants and use asymmetry while decorating walls whenever possible. Buy fresh flowers. Hang rainbow-creating crystals in windows. Leave floor space for dancing.”

– Rachel Kaplan,

When you think of the elements typically seen in bohemian style spaces, you think of soft, textured rugs, and textiles on nearly every surface. Thrifted pieces that show their wear—and look like something you can use—will often play a big part in the decor. Jewel and earth tones will wrap you with visual warmth. Vines of green leaves will make you feel like you’re in nature.

What all bohemian spaces have in common in my opinion is that they looked lived in. They encourage lingering and lounging. Their design conjures feels of looseness, casualness, effortlessness.

(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

I’ll actually admit I was one of the ones that thought boho style would be a flash in the pan. One of those resurgence trends that would quietly die down again. Because if we’re being totally honest, there’s a dark side to boho. Go overboard and your home can give off cheap ’70s first college apartment vibes.

But it’s really, really hard to go overboard. This is a style that begs you to go maximalist to the max. But it’s also a style that can be a little minimal, and subdued. It can tip its hat to other eras, blend with other styles, or contrast a little, too. It’s forgiving when it comes to a home’s architecture. And however you design to go boho… chances are your home will look and feel relaxing.

21 of the most beautiful bohemian style homes: