The Fluffiest, Most Supportive Pillows I’ve Slept on Are on Sale — Finally!

published Aug 29, 2023
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bedroom. bed with dusty rose decorative pillows, white patterned coverlet/duvet. Walls are painted halfway up with olive green, brown fan on wall behind bed as art. Large windows with rust/dark rose curtains
Credit: Erin Derby

Years ago, I invested in my first down comforter with the intention to keep it for years to come. I researched the best ones, picked the mid-weight version for all-season use, and even bought a new cotton duvet cover for the full experience. 

Quick Overview

What’s So Great About the Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillows?

For anyone who’s allergic to down, Boll & Branch’s Down Alternative Pillows will give you the same fluff, heft, and squashability — but without the sneezing or teary eyes. You can shop the pillows à la carte, or grab them as part of a bundle for 20% off during the brand’s Labor Day sale.

Then, about two weeks later, I was grumbling to a coworker about the resurgence of my allergies each morning, remarking that I would wake up sneezing but it would dissipate by the time I had commuted to work on the train. After a few pointed questions, she put the pieces together: I was allergic to my down comforter. 

I regretfully passed my big-girl purchase onto my parents for their bed, and reverted to having no down-filled items in my apartment. If you too, are allergic to down (or you don’t want to have animal products), you know how hard it is to find down-alternative bedding and pillows that have the same fluff and heft of the real thing. 

As a result, I’ve tried lots of down-alternative bedding over the years in search of the perfect dupe, and no pillow inserts (or comforters, for that matter) have even come close to Boll & Branch’s Down Alternative Pillows. 

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What Makes Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillows So Great? 

They’re fluffy, supportive, and feel so close to the real thing that I initially thought they were mislabeled. But nope, they’re just that good.

Credit: Caroline Mullen

Before getting these pillows, my fiancé, Jeffery, and I each had two memory foam pillows, cobbled together as I collected them over time from different sources. Like all pillows, they were in need of replacing. But I wanted to try something new, and instead of seeking out more memory foam pillows to top our memory foam mattress (it’s enough foam, right?), we grabbed a set of standard polyfill pillows from Costco in hopes we’d like them. Unfortunately, they went the way of so many down alternative pillows — they were stiff and lacked fluff, so they left me with a kink in my neck and a mission to find a better pillow that wouldn’t make me sneeze.

First things first, the balance between support and fluffiness is spot on. When I sleep in hotels with piles of down pillows, I often find my head on the mattress halfway through the night with little to no support, having to bunch them up into a ball just to give my head a little lift. Aside from the allergic reaction they induce, this is my main gripe with down pillows — they require so much re-fluffing to provide the right amount of neck support. These pillows are the happy medium: they have a satisfying squashability, but they remain full enough to cradle my head throughout the night.

Credit: Caroline Mullen

The pillows are stuffed with PrimaLoft, a down-alternative filling that’s comprised of tiny plumes of 100% recycled synthetic fibers, which create a truly down-like feeling. Compared to standard polyfill pillows — which often feel like a brick — this filing is decidedly light and airy, which is especially great for throw pillows, too. In fact, I have two Euro inserts from Boll & Branch for the decorative throw pillows on our bed, and they have the perfect level of stuffing to look pulled together and effortlessly laid back at the same time. 

The down-alternative pillows also come in three different densities (or lofts), which makes them customizable for each side of the bed. I personally love the medium density pillow paired with a flatter memory foam pillow underneath — this provides me with the neck support I need with the fluffy luxurious pillow experience I’m always after. Jeffery, on the other hand, prefers less of an incline on his neck, so he pairs a soft and medium pillow for a gentle slope. 

If you’re investing in an entirely new set of pillows, I’d recommend getting two (or more!) different densities to stack and swap around to your desired level of support. You can shop for the pillows à la carte, starting at $89 each, or grab a set of two pillows, pillowcases, and pillow protectors for $246.40 during Boll & Branch’s Labor Day sale where bundles are discounted by an extra 20% off right now. Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night. 

Buy: Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillow, Standard, $89; Boll & Branch Complete Pillow Bundle, Standard, $246.40 (normally $325)