14 Book-Inspired Candles That Make Perfect Reading Companions

updated Mar 3, 2021
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A great scented candle is the best companion for any solitary activity. I love to light up a candle as I bury myself in homework or sit back and enjoy a cup of tea on a cozy evening. Once I find the right candle for the mood, it never fails to lift up my spirits or the smell of the room.

That brings me to one of my favorite at-home hobbies: I love burning candles as I read, and it’s even better when those candles are inspired by books! As we are spending increasing amounts of time indoors, here are 15 books and reading-inspired candles that would make amazing page-turning companions!

1. Reading at the Cafe

Frostbeard Studio makes some of the best candles, and Reading at the Cafe has to be my favorite candle of all time. With a warm embrace of melted chocolate and hot coffee, this one would make up for the cafés you might be missing in this pandemic.

2. Always & Forever, Lara Jean

An ode to love stories and letters, this “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”-inspired candle is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the trilogy. The candle smells of a soft scent with notes of violet leaves, wild strawberry, jasmine, and white woods. 

3. Elias and Laia

Speaking of series finales, the epic and breathtaking “An Ember in the Ashes” series came to an end last year and this candle is a perfect way to remember the heartstopping moments Sabaa Tahir has bestowed on us along the years. Smelling of spicy chai and cinnamon with hints of sweetness, this is the perfect depiction of the star-crossed lovers.

4. Bare Necessities

In the Wick of Time makes quite a lot of Disney-inspired candles, and this “Jungle Book” inspired candle is one of their most unique creations. Featuring the smell of sweet mango and tropical tangerine, this one is bound to make you dream of tropical vacations and epic fables.

5. Sands of Arawiya

What’s better than a book-inspired candle created by the author herself? Hafsah Faizal, author of “We Hunt the Flame” is the creator of Icey Designs, and this candle recreates the desert sands with notes of oud, brown sugar, spice… and dragon’s blood. The shop also carries candles inspired by specific characters: Zafira, Altair, and Nasir.

6. Women in Literature

North Ave Candles is home to an array of candles inspired by classics, and this anthology collection celebrates women in literature. It contains the following:  Fig Tree, inspired by Sylvia Plath; Lavender + Lilac, inspired by Alice Walker; Mint Sweet Tea, inspired by Harper Lee; and Gardens of Pemberley, inspired by Jane Austen.

7. Book Club

Missing your book club? This candle is bound to bring up some memories and an ambience that would remind you of bookish conversations, and a cozy fireside. It contains notes of shiraz, red wine, red currants, as well as oak, mahogany, and dry wood. There are also inflections of book pages, new hardcovers, and worn paperbacks.

8. The Brown Sisters’ Men

Inspired by Talia Hibberts’ “Get a Life, Chloe Brown,” and “Take a Hint, Dani Brown,” these candles highlight the love interests of the fan-favorite romance series. Redford’s candle contains notes of line dried cotton, blueberry, coriander, and tonka, while Zafir’s candle is made of sweet orange, tangerine, coffee and cloves.

9. Dystopian Dreams

Are we all stuck in a dystopian book? Here’s something that could sweeten those fears. The Dystopian Dreams candle smells of fig and berries, lashings of caramel and musk, and “a hint of rebellion,” as the shop puts it.

10. Kumiho

Rose and Adder is known for their folkloric candles which celebrate stories, creatures, and monsters from around the world. This one’s a homage to the Korean nine-tailed fox spirit, and smells of a light blend of citrus, red tea, and spice.

11. Victor Vale

I had to give a shoutout to my favorite book and a candle inspired by one of the best antiheroes/villains ever written (in my very biased opinion). This Victor Vale candle takes inspiration from “Vicious” by V.E.Schwab and smells of star anise, cardamom, clove, and mint… not to mention nefarious plots, and evil master plans.

12. Mary Shelley

Werther and Gray is a homage to history and nostalgia, and I love their collection of candles that celebrates classic writers. The Mary Shelley candle contains a black oak fragrance, and is the perfect complement to a day of spooky stories and gothic fiction.

13. The Bone Witch

Speaking of spooky stories, this candle is inspired by dead raising witches and dark fantasies. Inspired by Rin Chupeco’s “Bone Witch” series, this candle contains scents of lilac, dirt, night air, and peony. 

14. Cup of Stars

This “Haunting of Hill House”-inspired candle gives a nod to Nell’s cup of stars, and the horrors and sorrows of both the TV show and Shirley Jackson’s original novel. The candle smells of warm honey-butter cake, hot chamomile tea, and haunted memories.