Book Nook Shelf Inserts Make Your Bookshelf Even More Magical

published Feb 17, 2020
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Books have the power to transport us to faraway worlds we may never (or at least not easily) be able to see in real life. The book nook trend does something similar. These creations, about the size of a book, or at least small enough to nestle into a bookshelf, are a bit like updated dollhouses. They’re handcrafted miniature worlds built for no other reason than to make those who see them feel like awe-struck little kids again.

BuzzFeed recently highlighted a bunch of book nooks originally posted to the subreddit r/booknooks. Yes, there’s an entire Reddit community dedicated to this craft, and it’s just as magical and wholesome as it sounds.

Here’s the first book nook we ever stumbled across, a Japanese-style alleyway.

Alleyways are a popular book nook motif, probably because they’re narrow and, with a bit of dim lighting, look like portals to another world.

Take a look at this Diagon Alley-inspired book nook, perfectly situated in the middle of one reader’s Harry Potter collection.

Imagine an entire miniature bookstore in the middle of your bookshelf. Does it have an even smaller bookstore book nook inside?

This mini wilderness is inspired by Endor, home to the Ewoks.

If seeing these book nooks make you want to create your own, there’s another subreddit, called r/guidebooknook, meant for sharing for sharing techniques and tips. This tutorial shows one maker’s process:

Because book nook-making is similar to dollhouse and model-making, tutorials for those hobbies may be good resources as well.