6 Books That Redefine Motherhood

published May 14, 2023
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It’s no secret that modern motherhood is evolving. Women are having children later in their lives, if at all, with their careers staying high on their list of priorities. So how can we wrap our minds around these shifting trends, possibly adjust our own parenting plans, and build a better future for moms everywhere? Check out the six superb reads below to find out.

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Hatching embraces the complexities of motherhood and the humanity of in vitro fertilization: the waiting rooms, the message boards, and the genetic permutations of what a thoroughly modern family might mean.

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A groundbreaking, triumphant investigation of the uterus — from birth to death, in sickness and in health, throughout history and into our possible future — from a midwife and acclaimed writer.

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In this timely and necessary book, a New York Times opinion writer dismantles 200 years of unrealistic parenting expectations and empowers today’s mothers to make choices that actually serve themselves, their children, and their communities.

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Taking in themes from intergenerational healing to feminism to environmentalism, this personal look and anthropological dig into a stubbornly taboo topic is a timely and brave reframing of what it means not to be a mom.

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An acclaimed health and science journalist explodes the concept of “maternal instinct” and tells a new story about what it means to become a parent.

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In this captivating and radical look at work-life balance, an acclaimed law professor and mother reframes our understanding of working women — and shows how prioritizing your career benefits mothers, kids, and society at large.

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