This Reading Pillow is Taking BookTok By Storm

published Dec 29, 2022
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It sounds silly, but avid readers will know the struggles of actually holding a book. You get to a certain point and they become uncomfortable to read, so you have to break the spine so you’re able to hold the book in a comfy position again. And when it comes to hardbacks, you can only read them for a certain amount of time because some of them are heavy. Fortunately, the BookTok community has discovered a handy way to allow you to read your favorite novels hands-free, whether it’s a Kindle device or an actual, real-life book.

“I went to Target to get a very specific item that I needed, and I left with something that, turns out, I needed way more,” began TikTok creator @kswezreads.

The item in question is the Faux Fur Tablet Holder from Pillowfort, a game-changing product that has been taking readers—and binge-watchers, students, and everyone in between—by storm.

“One of my biggest grievances when it comes to reading is having a place to rest the book. I always pile, like, 38 pillows on top of my legs so that I don’t have to hold it aloft and hurt my poor hands,”

Showing how convenient the pillow is, she explains that it can be used for both physical books and Kindles, placing them securely in the pouch that will stop them from slipping out. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to make the purchase…

“It has pockets,” she exclaims. “This is the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased.”

@kswezread’s followers have been loving the pillow just as much, sharing their enthusiasm in the comments.

“you can put stationary to mark up and annotate ur [sic] books without loosing anything!!! or sketching!!! I need this!!!” wrote one person.


A third commented: “This convinced me I need one!! 😂🥰”

If you fancy getting your hands on one yourself, the Faux Fur Tablet Holder is currently on clearance for $17.