My Entire Family Swears By This Teeny-Tiny $12 Milk Frother

published May 4, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Volo

Growing up, I drank many more Frappuccinos from Starbucks than I did traditional frappés. The iced coffee is a thick, foamy, and refreshing drink fitting for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. 

To me, drinking a Greek frappé was a luxury, not a necessity. I’d only have one whenever I visited my mother’s and father’s villages in Greece, either overlooking the mountains or the sea. They looked too fancy for a simple, easy recipe, and at yearly Greek festivals, I’d see women using silver machines the size of my forearm to create the signature drink. 

I never thought I could make one myself. Then, before I left for college, my mother gave me a tiny silver gadget that fit in the palm of my hand — and that afternoon, she taught me how to make a frappé using Nescafé instant coffee and Bonsenkitchen’s electric frother.

The battery-operated frother packs a considerable punch, especially given its 10-inch size. The magical tool can transform an inch of water, condensed milk, Nescafé instant coffee, and sugar into a full glass of frappé coffee in under a minute. All you need to do is place the handheld gadget in the liquid, press the “on” button, and move the whisk up and down until you achieve your desired frothiness. After you’re done, you can quickly clean the tool by washing the stainless steel whisk with a soapy sponge and water.

While I love this frother because it’s so straightforward and powerful, I love it even more because of the cherished memories it’s given me. Every Friday morning before class, I’d make frappés for myself and my college roommate using the tool. Each time, she’d be so shocked by how quickly I could whip together our drinks before we sat together at the kitchen table, catch up, and come up with weekend plans. 

I can also take it with me wherever I go — whether that’s abroad or wherever I move to once I leave my family home again to pursue my next chapter — since I don’t need to make room for it. I know the $12 frother will fit perfectly into my life because it can fit into any drawer, doesn’t require a plug, and is so easy to use.

Given the product’s general affordability, there are some potential downsides. Some Amazon reviewers reported that the Bonsenkitchen frother stopped working after a couple of months, while others took issue with the fact that you have to hold the “on” button while using the tool, rather than flicking it like a switch. For my part, my frother has lasted years, and is pretty serviceable given its low price point. 

Drinking frappés became a ritual, not a luxury, all because of this little gadget my mom gave me. I hope to keep sharing my affection for frothy frappés with loved ones for years to come.