Before and After: This Bedroom Redo Ditches the Headboard and Brings in a Dramatic Botanical Mural

published Apr 2, 2023
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Bedroom with wooden headboard before renovation.

There are lots of projects on Apartment Therapy where the before is perfectly fine, but the homeowner is just looking for a style switch-up. They’re not so much renos or redos as they are refreshes. A few decor swaps or small DIYs make the whole room feel new. (See: 5 Stylish, Teeny-Tiny Ways to Transform Your Bedroom, Starting at $15.)

Romalyn Alpaz’s (@bohome.plantry) bedroom redo is one such example. Yes, she and her husband, Allan, did do some major DIYing when they ripped up the carpet and installed hardwood floors and built a bed — but several other upgrades they made to their own sleep space were bite-sized DIYs that could be replicated in any bedroom, whether carpeted, hardwood, rented, or owned.

Romalyn and Allan’s bedroom was was once very boho with a slatted IKEA headboard and a rattan mirror and frames it. But Romalyn wanted the bedroom to feel even cozier, so she shifted to a slightly-elevated-but-still-boho botanical look.

Bringing a ton of leafy drama to the space is a new peel-and-stick palm tree wall mural from Rebel Walls. “I knew I wanted something tropical because I love plants and wanted a reminder of our homeland, the Philippines!” Romalyn says.

Next, she and Allan built a new bed frame so their mattress was no longer on the floor. Because they had new added drama on the wall behind the bed, they decided to forgo a headboard. “The DIY bedframe is budget-friendly for sure,” Romalyn says. “All wood, stain, and hardware can be found at your nearest hardware store and will cost you less than $150!”

Romalyn says the frame itself was quick to build; the biggest setback in the process was settling on the stain color. “I wasn’t happy at first with the wood stain that we chose for the bed frame,” she explains. “It seemed too dark. In photos, the stain looked warmer, so I almost wanted to redo it, but when I made the bed and styled the room I ended up loving it!”

Romalyn replaced her orange and white bedding from before with soft pink stripes from Amazon. Because she was losing the built-in side tables her former headboard offered, she also purchased two new side tables from Target. Her new custom bed frame also offers a shelf on the side to set aside nighttime reading.

Lastly, Romalyn swapped out her rattan pendant light for a thrifted glass one. She also replaced her rattan mirror and frames with a shelf filled with plants — again, a couple of bite-sized swaps that could be done gradually or all at once to make progress in revamping a bedroom.

From her experience with this redo, Romalyn’s best decor advice is to have fun. “In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to style your space,” she says. “As long as it brings you joy, it’s functional, and it showcases your personality, then it’s perfect! Your home is an outward expression of your vibe!”

“I definitely love how everything has come together,” Romalyn says. Plus, she adds, having the bed elevated a bit off the ground makes waking up in the morning that much easier. “I wouldn’t change a thing!” Romalyn adds. “Except maybe we should’ve done the makeover and DIY sooner.”