If You Like Palm Frond and Banana Leaf Patterns, You’re Going to Love These Nature-Inspired Wallpapers, Too

published Dec 2, 2021
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Botanical wallpapers have always been popular. From the iconic banana leaf walls of the Beverly Hills Hotel to vintage cottage rose prints, wallpaper is great for bringing the feeling of the garden inside. Lately though, I am craving more local and wild botanical inspiration. Like many people, the last year has given me a closer connection to nature. As I’ve gotten interested in the forests and the native plants of my area, I find I’m much more interested in decorating with a fern pattern than a banana leaf and a wildflower than an English rose. 

That instinct to link my interiors and the world outside was confirmed when I talked to Jennifer Morrison, the founder of Morrison House Design in Windham, Maine. “I always use the natural world to inspire our interiors,” Morrison says. “My mission is to connect our clients with the outdoors through their homes. Mother Nature is pretty amazing at composition.” With Morrison’s words in mind, I sought out seven botanical wallpapers that draw inspiration from North American flora, and they’re perfect for any room you want a little extra life in.

Credit: Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse x Hygge & West’s Alpine Meadow

Hygge & West’s new collaboration with Schoolhouse includes two patterns that draw inspiration from Schoolhouse’s Pacific Northwest locale. “Alpine Garden” and “Cascade Meadow” are both based on flowers found in the area. “Alpine Garden” includes poppies, lance-leaved coreopsis, tall fringed bluebells (aka mountain bluebells), and grasses.

Buy: Schoolhouse x Hygge & West Alpine Meadow, $225.00 for a 45-50 square foot roll from Schoolhouse

Credit: Rejuvenation

Pure Acorn by William Morris

Legendary Arts & Crafts designer William Morris’s subtle acorn branch design dates back to 1879, but it looks surprisingly fresh in neutral color ways available through Rejuvenation. Choose from the warm tones above or the slightly cooler ecru and pewter or charcoal and pewter combos.

Buy: Pure Acorn by William Morris, $179.00 for a 56 square foot roll from Rejuvenation

Fresh Cut by Chasing Paper

This quiet botanical print was designed by blogger Jenni Yolo of I SPY DIY for Chasing Paper. It was inspired by the growing seasons in Wisconsin, where Yolo is based and is available in both paste the wall and peel-and-stick varieties.

Buy: Fresh Cut, Starts at $40.00 for a 2′ x 4′ panel from Chasing Paper

Credit: Etsy

Botanical Greenery Fern Wallpaper

Morrison used this fern frond wallpaper in a recent powder room project. I love how the dark backdrop suggests the shadows you’d find in the forest understory where ferns grow.

Buy: Botanical Greenery Fern Wallpaper, Starts at $36.00 for a 20″ x 48″ panel from Etsy

Magnolia Home Forest Fern Wallpaper

Here’s another fantastic fern print that comes from the Magnolia Home collection for York Wallcoverings. The simple fern frond repeat is available in black-and-white or gray with white for a more monochromatic look, and it certainly mixes well with a variety of wood tones and different finishes.

Buy: Magnolia Home for York Wall Coverings Forest Fern Wallpaper, $176.00 for a double roll from York Wallcoverings 

Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper

Though most of these other wallpapers are either new or updated classics, Cole & Sons’ “Woods” wallpaper has reached near iconic status over the years. Its leafless trees suggest a forest in winter, which makes for another great option for the color shy.

Buy: Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper, $198.00 for a 56.25 square foot roll from Anthropologie

Credit: Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse x Hygge & West’s Cascade Meadow

“Cascade Meadow” features Queen Anne’s lace, California poppies, Cornflowers, and Little bells and comes in four different colorways. If you want something a little on the bolder side, this pattern could be for you.

Buy: Schoolhouse x Hygge & West Cascade Meadow, $205.00 for a 45-50 square foot roll from Schoolhouse