Now’s Your Chance To Live In The Brady Bunch House

updated May 3, 2019
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Don’t go trying to play ball in this house. For the first time in nearly half a century, one of TV’s most famous homes is back on the market. The home used as the exterior for The Brady Bunch, a 3 bed, 3 bath that supposedly held six kids, two parents, and a housekeeper, is located just north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, and is listed by Ernie Carswell of Douglas Elliman for $1.88 million.

For fans of the popular show (or just the 70s in general), this house is a perfect fit. The exterior of this suburban home may still reflect the look from the classic sitcom, and while the interior is different, it still has that vintage vibe.

The decor falls somewhere between mid-century and Victorian, with tons of little touches that read retro. Think built in shower radios, a wet bar in the living room, and tiled countertops. While the color palate is mostly wood-toned panels and cream-colored furniture, other bedrooms and bathrooms come alive with ornate pink wallpaper and pastel pink hues in the bathroom and closet.

The backyard, while not part of the show, also offers a respite with green space, a gazebo, and garden at the far end. It’s also accessible from a small deck above the higher part of a split level. (If you can figure out the architectural dimensions of how Greg supposedly moved into the attic of a split-level ranch, please let me know.) Even if you’re not totally ready to buy just yet, the home offers tours of the space that can still make for a solid selfie that you can caption, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

All things considered, this home is a unique step back in time to when disco wasn’t dead, sitcoms had laugh tracks, and when Dad worked from home, his kids left him the hell alone. Now, if only we could track down a housekeeper that’s as involved as Alice…