AT Readers Can’t Stop Buying This $60 Lamp for Rooms Without Natural Light

published Sep 27, 2021
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eclectic earth tone living room

There are some things you can never have too much of in your home, including ample lighting. Not only is it necessary to literally see your way around, but good lighting has a way of making your space feel warm and homey. If you’re not lucky enough to have a sun-drenched apartment, you’ll have to turn to artificial solutions to make your space feel brighter and easier to navigate. A good floor lamp is the easiest way to emit light in your space… but with so many to choose from, how will you know which one is most legit? Enter, the Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp.

AT readers have been shopping and loving this slim, yet powerful, floor lamp. So what makes the Brightech lamp a standout pick? Well for one, it packs a pretty strong punch for such a slim package. It emits an impressive 2190 lumens, which is enough to keep a large room lit. Its head also pivots easily, allowing you to shine the light in any direction that you need it to go. Another conveniently customizable feature is the 3-way built-in dimmer, which remembers your brightness setting for the next time you turn it on, and is compatible with wall switches or smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa. All this in a $60 lamp? It sounds almost too good to be true, but according to its 13,000 five-star Amazon reviewers, this sleek floor lamp is the real deal.

“I live in New York in an apartment where there is lots of glass windows and zero overhead lighting,” wrote one customer. “This lamp is a game changer!! [It has] four different brightness levels, totally solid, and so sleek you hardly notice it!” Another satisfied shopper shared that they loved the fact that the lamp, “Gives off a very nice ‘warm’ light” that “reminds me of the light you get from a fireplace.”

If you’re one of those people who isn’t really into floor lamps because of the space they consume, this is a great option. Understated and effective, the Brightech Sky LED floor lamp has a slender, minimalist build that fits into tight spaces and works with many different design aesthetics. This dimmable lamp uses warm white LED bulbs that can go up to 20 years without having to be replaced (seriously!) and also save on energy.

“The lamp comes in pieces but is very easy to set up,” wrote another customer. “It’s lightweight, attractive, and has no problem lighting my living room, which is about 24′ x 15′. I love the touch-switch, which you activate simply by touching. The LED lamp puts out almost no heat at all, which is [much better than’ the halogen [bulbs] that I’ve been using.”

If you happen to not having a ton of south-facing windows in your home, or you’re looking to brighten up a dimly light space like a basement or home office, the Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp is a sure bet for letting the light in. It also comes in seven different finishes, from Alpine white to bronze, to guarantee your style needs will be met.

Buy: Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp, $59.99 (normally $65.99)