Brooklinen’s Cashmere Sheets Make Me Feel Like the Star of a Nancy Meyers Movie—and They’re on Sale

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As someone who practices (what some might call) extreme prioritization of physical comfort, my curiosity was piqued when I spotted an email from Brooklinen announcing their new heathered cashmere sheets. For me, cashmere sheets conjure up images of fancy people lounging in five-star hotels or Nancy Meyer movies… definitely not something in the realm of my day-to-day reality. But I was already familiar with Brooklinen, the popular direct-to-consumer bedding brand that raised funds on Kickstarter back in 2014 (and you may have seen their excellent marketing featuring adorable furry friends). I’ve been a fan since purchasing their Classic Percale sheets a couple years ago.

Starting at $279 for the core set in Full or Queen (one flat sheet, one fitted, and two pillowcases), the new cashmere sheets are certainly more expensive than their basic sheets, but they clock in at a price point only slightly higher than their linen counterparts. But the good news is that you can save 20% off right now, thanks to Brooklinen’s Black Friday sale.

I’ve only spent a few nights sleeping on them, so I’ll try to temper my enthusiasm to less than totally-crazed-fan levels, but I’ve been really pleased. (Here, you can imagine me sleeping peacefully with a Cheshire cat grin.) The material feels both soft and more durable than I was anticipating. It’s not quite like wrapping yourself in a decadent cashmere sweater, but it’s a very nice, ever-so-slightly coarser runner-up to that dream. They’re made of a blend of cashmere and cotton which keeps it breathable and not so fancy as to be overly cumbersome. Caring for them is easy—just run them in your washing machine on cold—as a bonus, they’re designed to get softer with each wash.

They feel like a cozy, winter luxury and they retain some heat, but not too much heat. I was somewhat reminded of flannel sheets, though they’re definitely lighter, making them great for volatile winter weather that can run both frigid and temperate. In my boyfriend’s words, “They manage to feel light and thick and warm at the same time,” which is totally spot-on. I honestly think these sheets are great for all kinds of sleepers—if you run hot, they won’t trap too much heat, and if you run cold, pair them with a nice down comforter for blissful warmth. We tried the Fog color, but they also come in Cream, Charcoal, Frosted Blue, and Amethyst (!); all five are elegant neutrals that would work with varied aesthetics, as well as any Nancy Meyers beach house.

In other words, these sheets are wonderfully versatile. (Sensing a theme? So am I.) They’re a limited edition offering from Brooklinen, and last year they sold out in just four weeks—so you should definitely grab them while you can.