Brooklinen’s New Home Fragrance Collection Will Turn Your Space Into a Relaxing Oasis

published Sep 19, 2022
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Credit: Brooklinen

The word is out: Brooklinen is a favorite brand among many of us at AT. Brooklinen bedding and bath essentials routinely top our Best Lists, and we’ve bestowed high praise on a variety of products (including the All-Season Down Comforter, Classic Core Sheets, Hammam Towels, Weighted Throw Blanket, and more). The company even makes a home fragrance line, and candles from the first collection add ambiance to multiple editors’ homes. And we’ve got great news! Brooklinen just launched a brand new collection of soothing scents designed to jumpstart your day and wind you down at night. Even more exciting? With this launch, the line expands to more than just candles— think diffusers, room sprays, and votives.

“I have and love Brooklinen’s original candle line-up, so I was excited to see the new collection. Well, to no one’s surprise, it doesn’t disappoint,” shared AT’s shopping director, Jada. “The minimalist branding and frosted glass play well with my decor, which can’t decide if it’s more coastal or mid-century. The scents are subtle, unique, and layered with various top, middle, and base notes that all work together for a fragrance that you can’t quite pinpoint, but you know smells divine. My favorites so far? Rise, Happy Hour, and Good Intentions all have a wonderful balance of fresh and warm notes, so I’ve got them on rotation around my space.”

According to Brooklinen, the scent notes are as follows:

  • Bright Idea is a floral, fresh, and warm fragrance with stress-relieving geranium and cardamom to bring clarity and soothe.
  • Gather is a woody, herbaceous, and spicy fragrance that calms anxiety and brings relaxation while its warm citrus notes spark awareness and presence.
  • Good Intentions is a fresh, earthy, and warm fragrance that brings focus and clarity by blending calming basil, minty buchu leaf, and bright citrus notes.
  • Happy Hour is a fresh, floral, and woody fragrance that “channels your chill” with calming citrus and cedar notes paired with stress-reducing rosemary and eucalyptus to breathe easy.
  • Interlude is a floral, woody, and warm fragrance that eases tension and stress with a restorative blend of calming guaiac and grounding patchouli.
  • Love Note is a floral, sweet, and spicy fragrance that wraps you in relaxation and romance with a “crush-worthy combination” of cedarwood, orange and nutmeg.
  • Restore is a musky, woodsy, and sweet fragrance with a soothing blend of violet and cedarwood that clears your mind for a state of calm.
  • Rise is a warm and spicy fragrance with citrus notes for a smooth start to the day or an anytime pick-me-up. It features stress-relieving bergamot, soothing petitgrain, and bright bursts of black tea and sea salt.

In addition to the eight signature candles in Brooklinen’s new home fragrance collection, selected scents are available as reed diffusers and room sprays. Each candle retails for $35, and all products can be purchased individually or bundled (with the exception of the Candle & Diffuser Set). We suggest you order ASAP since Brooklinen is currently offering a limited-time-only 10 percent discount on the entire line. Find out more about each product below, and pick your favorites to bring home for the cozy, cooler months ahead.

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was $35.00

Each candle in Brooklinen's new home fragrance collection burns for roughly 60 hours. Order them individually if you'd like, or buy in a set of two or three to stock up on your favorite scents. Aromatic notes range from sweet to spicy and include floral, woody, and musky fragrances that won't overpower your space.

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This frosted glass diffuser is available in two scents: Bright Idea and Good Intentions. The strength of the fragrance is adjustable depending on the number of reeds that are in the vial at one time. The diffuser is also available in a set with a candle for the best of both worlds.

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The Up & Up Set of votive candles includes uplifting scents to kick off your day. It's also a great way to try out a variety of Brooklinen's new candles without committing to the full 8-ounce version. The Up & Up Set is made up of four 2-ounce candles: Bright Idea, Gather, Interlude, and Rise.

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Brooklinen's Room Spray is available in two scents: Bright Idea to warm you up and Happy Hour to wind you down. The spray comes in its own 3.39-ounce frosted glass vessel, and you can buy one or a set.

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was $59.00

The Downtime Set includes the other half of Brooklinen's new candles in votive form: Good Intentions, Happy Hour, Love Note, and Restore. They're the candles you'll want to reach for at the end of a long day with a cool drink or good book in your hand.