This “Broomba” Hack Turns Your Robot Vacuum Into a Witch’s Broom

published Oct 12, 2022
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holding dirty broom in kitchen

Halloween is that time of the year when everything at home gets a spooky makeover, whether it’s a porch filled with pumpkins, a chandelier covered in cobwebs, or even a Roomba that’s dressed as a witch’s broom.

TikTok user @hauz.and.co has posted a tutorial on how to make a “broomba,” basically a robot vacuum cleaner paired with a broom to appear as though the latter is enchanted and can move on its own. 

In the video, she first cuts off the top of a tiki torch and spray-paints the handle. Then, two foam circles are glued together and Velcro strips are added at the bottom. After combining the foam with the tiki torch, she ties layers of raffia to the base. For the finishing touches, she adds a ribbon and bow, before cutting the raffia short enough so it doesn’t jam the vacuum cleaner.

Once the DIY broom is placed on top of the Roomba, the result is an illusion fit for the season.

“I’m buying a robot sweeper just to do this,” said one commenter, while another added: “I kind of want this for all year long!”

According to @hauz.and.co, while the broom may hinder the vacuum cleaner from reaching tight spaces — such as under the couch — the prop is easy to remove thanks to its Velcro strips. And, once Halloween is over, you can simply take apart the broom’s components for hassle-free storage.

If you don’t have time to DIY, there are also versions you can buy in stores like Big Lots! and Amazon.

You can see more spooky decor hacks from @hauz.and.co, such as terracotta pumpkins and floating candles, over on TikTok.