This Ridiculously Stylish Carry-On Fit a Shocking Amount of Items Including Six Pairs of Shoes (and More!)

published May 11, 2023
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Spaciousness and durability are the most important qualities a piece of luggage can have. But even knowing that, I would always notice how much better-looking other travelers’ suitcases were compared to my family’s set. Our bulky, years-old polyester trunks wouldn’t so much glide as they would lumber down airport walkways, only adding to the stress and chaos of getting checked in and making it to our gate. Sure, they held a lot, but there was something undeniably outdated about their hulking silhouettes. I graduated to much sleeker hard-shell luggage when I started traveling on my own, but I can’t say that I had ever found a truly perfect travel bag — until a couple of months ago. I fortuitously received Calpak’s Hue Carry-On Luggage right before going on a trip out of state, and it’s easily the most functional (and beautiful) suitcase I’ve ever owned. In fact, I’m already looking forward to using it when I go on my next trip.

At first glance, the Hue carry-on checks all of the important boxes. It has a hard-shell exterior, which in my experience is much more durable than a fabric exterior. The hard shell also just looks much more modern. Additionally, the bag holds a ton and expands if needed. For context, I traveled home for the first time in months after moving to NYC, and I was intent on bringing all of my summer apparel and shoes back to the city. After stuffing my larger bag to the brim with clothes and other necessities, I realized in a panic that I still had six pairs of shoes to pack, not to mention some accessories, books, and magazines. Turns out I was worrying for no reason, though, because the Hue carry-on accommodated all of it, and I didn’t even have to try that hard to make everything fit.

In addition to its two main compartments, the suitcase also has a divider flap with two large zippered pouches, as well as three more zippered pouches and security straps in the right-hand compartment. Suffice it to say, zero space is wasted when it comes to storage.

Credit: Nikol Slatinska
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Color-wise, I got my bag in the hazel shade, which was a nice departure from my go-to black. The medium brown hue is still neutral, but it was much easier to spot at baggage claim when my carry-on had to be checked because of an overbooked flight. And although I traditionally never lock my carry-on, this one does have a built-in, TSA-approved combination lock should you ever need to. The suitcase is also a breeze to travel with because of its spinner wheels. No matter how heavy you make it, it’ll glide effortlessly through the airport, on the sidewalk, and through subway stations — you can take my word for it. The Hue carry-on is the perfect little suitcase, and I already know it’s going to be a lifesaver once again during my international summer travels.