This Jawdroppingly Gorgeous House May Inspire You to Add Curtains, Color, and Stripes to Your Home

published Oct 16, 2019

This Jawdroppingly Gorgeous House May Inspire You to Add Curtains, Color, and Stripes to Your Home

published Oct 16, 2019
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Square feet
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Name: Mariana Pussacq, her two sons, her boyfriend Geronimo Favaloro, two dogs: Negra, a Newfoundland, and China, who’s a mix between greyhound and other breeds, and last, but not least, our cat Cristal
Location: Delta of Tigre — Near Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Size: 4521 square feet
Years lived in: 15 years, owned

Architect and artist Mariana Pussacq knows color and texture. While working as a designer in 2010, she began to develop a signature color palette of over 100 hues (now up to 150) using velvet, linen, canvas, cotton and other fabrics she dyed herself. In 2011, she started sharing the colors and textiles with other architects and designers, and soon her collection of colors and textures inspired by nature—and hand-painted using Indian and English pigments—became available worldwide under her business, Casa Almacén. Not only do these textiles show up in interiors and fashion, but she also creates art and artistic performances with them; photographs of some of these performances actually hang in the home she shares with her family. The whole house is a space that embraces creativity and nature.

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“One of the things I love the most about my home is that it is full of nature both inside and outside,” writes Mariana. “I love its location as well: it is in a neighborhood surrounded by beautiful lakes and trees. My family and I feel like we have created a little indoors-outdoors jungle that makes us feel as we were in the forest. My house has plenty of spaces to relax; it is a place to wind down and enjoy among family and friends.”

Though full of character and architectural interest, Mariana’s house was actually new construction when she bought it. “It was 1999 and I wanted so much to live outside the city. I had the need to watch the sunsets, the horizon, as it can be appreciated in the Argentine countryside,” she explains. “Back then, I found a swamp area that was being urbanized and decided to pick the lot that was numbered with my lucky number. The construction of my house was from scratch, and I was present in the construction of every single wall and detail. To this day, I still love my nest… I spend lots of time at my home; it is my temple and place of contentment.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My style: My style is definitely defined by the use of color in objects and spaces. I love re-signifying the forgotten; bringing to this time and space those things that are not used anymore and giving it a new meaning and worth, full of color and good energy as well. I like creating color atmospheres that harmonize the different Chakras and that equalize the energetic body (whose nature is subtle) of people that inhabit the homes I design.

Inspiration: Nature, the organic, color in all of its forms and textures…

Favorite Element: Tables; I love tables because they unite. You gather in this spot with people to eat, and this act is already a sacred one. You can also join here to create, draw, paint; I am a huge fan of big tables, and this is because they allow you to extend your senses and acts of creation. Some years ago, I designed solid wood tables with a velvet “soul.” These are tables with a soft and loving soul, as the texture of velvet is, too.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge in my job is to make people become conscious about the space they inhabit, and the fact that every single home is unique and personal considering the people who live in it. Also, that the so-called trends do not exist, and that the most important thing is to know and be certain about what colors, textiles, and furniture we need in our home. Knowing this is like feeling and choosing the right food for our body. It is as special and necessary as the nourishment we get every day in this existence—it is about conscience.

Proudest DIY: I made the handles of the kitchen furniture with wine corks!

Best Advice: Listening, feeling, and choosing from a place of intuition. Kids generally know what to pick and how to combine from simply “being.” Listening to our inner child and embracing it to design our own nest…

What’s your best home secret? Intuition in everything you do. There is wisdom and knowledge at our hands, and every human being can tap into it…



  • Living room and reception gray color — Mix of two paints from Sherwin-Williams
  • Pink kitchen – Upstairs rose
  • Bedroom – Sherwin-Williams
  • All others walls are covered with fabrics from Casa Almacen
  • Plant pots are painted in green – Sherwin-Williams code 6454


  • Vases — Various flea markets.
  • Art — Two drawings of my authorship
  • Plant pots — Painted clay pots.


  • Art — In our living room hangs a photographic record of a performance with textiles that my boyfriend, Geronimo Favaloro, and I carried out. The series is called “Puertas” (Doors), and they were taken in Uruguay.
  • Sofas — My design, inspired by antique sofas. They are upholstered in velvet, number color 99, Casa Almacen
  • Vintage linen mats — Color 51 Casa Almacen
  • Velvet cushions — Color 87 Casa Almacen
  • “Throw” blanket, made in a hand-painted tussor.
  • Cushions — Casa Almacén
  • Painted Argentine flag — Casa Almacén
  • Little chair — Got it at a fair located in the north of Argentina.
  • Three tables — Designed them myself; these are the solid wood tables with velvet soul (the ones that I mentioned before).
  • Thin lamp — Got it at Ruben Amsel
  • Curtains — Casa Almacén


  • Pink chairs — My own design, made with an upholsterer
  • Lamp — Antique art deco design
  • Wall — Covered with hand-painted textiles from Casa Almacén
  • Ceiling — Covered with rustic jute


  • Table — Solid lapacho
  • Chairs — Solid lapacho with a hand-painted tussor cover.
  • Lamps — Industrial type design


  • Sofa — Antique upholstery with a full painted tussor cover; cushions and mats covered in fine linen from Casa Almacén, color 88.
  • Puff — Little side table – Idem
  • Lamp — Reproduction of antique lamp
  • Curtains — Hand-painted stripes over gauze, from Casa Almacén.


  • Chairs — Made of solid lapacho
  • Curtains — Hand-painted stripes over canvas, in colors 129 and 2 from Casa Almacén
  • The crockery — From Labor & Waits in London.
  • Mate — One of them is from Cabinet Oseo (the one with a heart straw) and the other one I got from a local fair.
  • Toaster and kettle — Smeg


  • Bed — Solid lapacho
  • Table — Solid lapacho as well
  • Photographs — Taken by Geronimo Favaloro in Uruguay, from our series called “Oceanía Alada”
  • Pillows — Casa Almacén Velvet color 51


  • Mirror — Made by a carpenter in veneered wood.
  • Photography — Taken by Geronimo Favaloro
  • Basket — Got it at the local flea market


  • Curtains — Hand-painted stripes over gauze in a “Rue” green, from Casa Almacén.
  • Furniture — table and bench made of wood / tall table and chairs (these have typical chair design from Mar del Plata, traditional holiday city in argentine coast).
  • Everything made of wood is made of solid Lapacho. We inherited the tall table mentioned before from a friend; it’s an antique drawing table.

Thanks Mariana!

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