This Seriously Gorgeous Storage Bed Is the Space-Saving Solution My Small Bedroom Needed

updated Jan 22, 2024
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One wall of bedroom. Wall is blue with wainscoting, credenza with cool design, painting of woman with gold frame, velvet lilac armchair, blue screen with blossoming trees, blue shag rug on wood floor, bed has pink and pale blue bedding, faux fur throw. Large windows in back with green curtains
Credit: Erin Derby

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A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I broke our bed. Now, before you jump to any rated-R conclusions, what happened was that I, a former college wrestler, was demonstrating a sweet wrestling move using our bed as a crash pad, and unfortunately, our rinky-dink bed frame couldn’t handle all of that raw power. (Basically, I gently suplexed my loving girlfriend onto our bed, and it broke.) Unfortunately, that meant we ended up rolling into each other every night for like a month, and while that might sound romantic, it ended up being a huge pain, so after many sleepless nights, we knew we had to get a new bed. However, my girlfriend has a ton of stuff that she used to store under our bed frame, so our new one needed ample storage. Luckily, we found the Dalton Storage Bed from Castlery — a brand that I’ve sung the praises of multiple times in the past. 

What Is the Dalton Storage Bed?

The Dalton Storage Bed is a gorgeous piece of furniture that’s both comfortable and highly practical. Its sturdy construction features a thick headboard that wraps around the sides a bit — a feature I’ve come to love. I got the queen version, which comes with three deep drawers that slide underneath the frame and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the piece. It’s also the perfect height, even for someone my size. (I clock in at around 5’8”, when the moon is right above me.) I plopped my Bear mattress on top of this bad boy and it fit perfectly — plus, it never slides around. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Dalton Storage Bed

First of all, this thing is sturdy. Since I still like reliving the glory days as a college wrestler, we knew we needed something that was built to last. Even during the assembly process, you could tell that this thing isn’t going anywhere, and despite its ample storage, it’s as solid as can be. Speaking of assembly: You know when you get a piece of furniture from that one Swedish store and the instructions say “This is a two-person job,” and then you proceed to immediately ignore those instructions? Well, this is actually a two-person job. It’s not hard, but if you try to go this alone, it’ll take forever. With a second helper, you’ll put this bad boy together in, like, two hours — tops. That being said, the end result is totally worth it. It’s as comfortable as can be and supports my mattress like a dream. The storage, though, is the best part: The drawers aren’t actually attached to the bed, which sounds strange, but it’s actually genius. They sit on rollers directly on your floor, and they magnetically latch into place when they’re pushed in. That means much less hassle if you have to move or disassemble the bed later on. (Pro Tip: Get drawer dividers for a perfect storage solution.) 

Plus, I’m not the only one who’s a fan of the Dalton Storage Bed. “Kinda fell in love with the bed the minute I saw it, and no regrets at all,” one reviewer explains. “Holds quite a bit of storage, it’s pretty and it’s so comforting!” So, if you’re in the market for a sturdy, elegant bed frame that’s built to last — and adds a ton of space to your bedroom storage — the Dalton Storage Bed is the perfect match. 

Buy: Dalton Storage Bed, $1,599