This Bespoke Cabinet Opens Up to Reveal A Hidden ‘Cat Flat’

updated Feb 14, 2020
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Swedish self-storage company 24Storage has unveiled a gorgeous handcrafted cabinet that, once opened, reveals a hidden house and playground for your feline friend.

Called the Cat Flat, the cabinet is made of walnut veneer and features vertical and horizontal slats that cleverly hide the playground’s visual clutter (if you can even call those bespoke scratch toys as visual clutter). 

Inside, there are three levels for your cat to climb, scratch, hide, lick its fur, sleep, hunt, spy, and give you judgmental stares from afar. The space is decorated with sisal mats and leather, while the brushes and scrubs are crafted from sustainable materials like FSC-certified beech wood, boar bristles, and ecological coconut.

According to interior architect Eleonor Moschevitz, she designed the Cat Flat in response to Sweden’s housing situation. With property prices rising, more people are moving into smaller apartments, which do not have enough space for even a cat condo. And in cases where they do manage to fit a cat condo, the designs are often tacky, compromising the aesthetics of the home.

The Cat Flat allows pet owners to maintain an elegant, clutter-free home while providing their cats a territory of their own. It’s a win-win for both human and pet (or human and master, if the cats are to be believed).

“To create a design piece for a cat has been a challenging task, due to the fact that an ordinary piece of cat furniture usually is quite tasteless,” explained Moschevitz. “But to open the doors of the cabinet and watch the cats explore every corner and every passageway of it, really makes it worth it.”