This Cat Escaped His Carrier Mid-Flight, and Twitter Is Obsessed

published Mar 26, 2023
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If you’ve ever flown with a cat who would rather be anywhere else than inside their carrier, you’ll be able to resonate with one of this week’s viral travel stories, in which a cat named Brian decided to escape his carrier and take a stroll around the aircraft on which he and his owner were traveling. Unfortunately for Brian, although most airlines permit travelers to fly with a cat or small dog in the airplane cabin, it’s illegal for animals to roam freely during the flight.

Still, Brian’s escapades quickly became a source of amusement for his fellow travelers, and even the plane’s flight crew. His story even went viral, thanks to author Yi Shun Lai documenting his feline misadventures on Twitter.

“On last night’s @JetBlue flight, ONT-JFK: ‘Is anyone missing a CAT. A grey-and-white CAT.’ Yes I woke up for this,” Lai tweeted, alongside a hilarious photo of a flight attendant carrying a captured Brian down the plane aisles.

He also shared an update on the flight attendant’s experience, adding: “Later: ‘That cat was HEAVY.’”

But rest assured, Brian was swiftly reunited with his owners.

“That’s our big boy Brian!” the cat’s owner replied in the Twitter thread, attaching a video of him at home. “Thank you for all the love, he’s safe and sound but definitely not sorry haha.”

Cue a video of Brian’s owner asking him, “Are you sorry for escaping on the plane? Do you have any regrets?”

Brian chose to plead the fifth, accepting some petting instead.

Brian and his rebel spirit live to fight another day!