8 Creative Uses for Caulk You’ve Never Thought Of

published Mar 18, 2018
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(Image credit: Kath Nash/Apartment Therapy)

Growing up I lived with two very different kinds of parents. My father was the “right tool for the job” type man and my mother was the kind that would use a brass animal figurine to hammer in a nail, instead of taking the time to find a an actual hammer. Because of this combination, I’m always thinking of different ways to use regular household items. Take a tube of caulk for instance, which is handy for bunch of things around the house. Here are some obvious ways to put it to use and some you might not have ever thought of.

My father would use caulk to to seal up a bathtub or shower, or keep a sink in place on the countertop. Or, use it to plug up drafts from windows, fix gaps in moulding (even if you rent, this is an inexpensive option to make a place look fab) and to keep out bugs.

Here are a few more fun and creative ways to put a tube to use. Now, this is the kind of stuff my mother would think of:

1. Make No-Carve Stamps

Place a printed or drawn design underneath a clear piece of plastic, then trace over the image with caulk, and let it dry. Use it for unique wall or floor stencils or smaller arts and crafts. Check Make for a how-to on the subject.

2. Make Silicone Molds

There are all sorts of fun and practical reasons to make a mold. Make a replacement knob when one is missing. Or create 25 unique bridal shower gifts for very little money. Check out Make and Instructables both for rad tutorials on the idea.

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

3. Make Those Inexpensive Rugs Non-Slip

It’s as easy as making squiggly lines and allowing them to dry! Get the 411 here. It also works well on the bottom of pet beds that slip around.

4. Use The Caulk Gun as a Clamp

If you need an impromptu clamp to fix a broken item, then a caulk gun will do the trick. Just use the mechanism to apply pressure as needed when you’re trying to glue something together.

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

5. As An Adhesive

In a pinch, caulk is a also great adhesive. Use it to stick a baseboard back to the wall, or to seal a crack inside ceramic or plastic pots. It even works on clothing to help a dress stay in place….

6. Make Artwork

Use caulk to create artwork and decorations, like these snowy trees from Lowes or 3D paintings. You might not want to cover an entire room using this technique, but you might have the stamina for a cool backsplash…

7. Costume 101

There are a million different ways to use caulking to create special effects costuming. Maybe you want to make a realistic brain skull cap to wear or want to make your own steampunk glasses. Caulking can get you details, texture and more on the cheap.

8. Protect Surfaces

Protect what you love by adding caulk to the bottom of heavy objects that might do damage to floors or countertops. A few spots of caulk on the bottom of trivets, small appliances, furniture, or flower pots will keep them from scratching up surfaces.

Caulking tip: If you don’t use the whole thing, and assuming you always lose the cap like I do, you can always seal the end with duct tape for later.

Do you have a way to use a tube of caulking that isn’t mentioned above? Let’s hear your creative solutions in the comments below!