These 7 Celebs Love Shopping At Target and Now We Love Them Even More

updated Feb 17, 2020
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There are multiple reasons people love to shop at Target: their wide variety of products and brands that make it a one-stop shop, the cheap prices (hello Bullseye Playground!), and even their well-designed store that is proven to spark the “Target Effect.” And the regular people aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed, as celebrities have walked the very same red-and-white themed aisles that everyone has grown to know and love.

Big personalities have been photographed wandering through Targets around the country, from Jennifer Garner popping out from the clearance section to Beyonce strutting down the baby aisle. And while it’s a surprise to see celebrities surface in places where you stop to get your cleaning supplies and groceries, it also doesn’t come as a full shock because…Target.

We decided to do a deep-dive into some of the biggest stars who have stopped by Target for, well, probably the things that we all do. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one of them the next time you’re filling your cart.

Could you imagine leaning down to get a pack of diapers, only to look up and see the Queen B herself walking your way with her stunner shades on? Pretty sure this person took the photo from where they fainted on the ground.

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Not sure what inspired this clothing shopping spree for Gwen Stefani, but we’d love to grab whatever that plaid situation she’s holding (and really, anything else she wears).

Luna’s face is a mix of shock, confusion, and possibly a rush from all the snacks—pretty much the emotional and physical journey we all go through at the check-out line.

Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

The clearance section would feel much less chaotic if Jennifer Garner was there, greeting us with a warm smile and a waving hand.

Kudos to Shelby for this a fantastic play-by-play of Chris Hemsworth buying his kids some stuff. TMZ is calling.

Credit: Charles Dharapak/AP/Shutterstock

The former First Lady dressed comfortably for the shopping occasion! If only we could see what the first lady has in that Target shopping bag…

Would frequent this exact Target to potentially run into Hilary Duff any day.