It’s Hard to Choose Just One Favorite Element in This Ceramicist’s Attractive Argentina Home

published Jan 19, 2021

It’s Hard to Choose Just One Favorite Element in This Ceramicist’s Attractive Argentina Home

published Jan 19, 2021
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Name: Cecilia Nigro, husband Andres and Vera the daughter. Margarita the cat. Ramona and Hugo the dogs, and soon a bunny
Location: Martinez, in the Greater Buenos Aires, 30 minutes from downtown BA
Size: 2500 sqft
Years lived in: 11 years, owned

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Ceramic artist Cecilia Nigro’s work is a beautiful blend of organic shapes, soft colors inspired by nature, and vibrant movement. Her home — which of course is filled with her ceramic wares like art, lamps, vessels and more — also reflects those elements. Having lived in this house for 11 years, her home’s style has naturally evolved as she and her family, husband Andres and daughter Vera, have lived in it, adapting it to the changes and updates of their lives.

“We found and bought this house (after searching for a year) in 2008 and it took us four months to remodel it,” explains Cecilia. “It’s a cozy place full of good vibes and we love to welcome friends and cook asados (roasts), homemade pizza, and paellas made by my husband Andres. Since we moved in, I started to work freelance and since 2018 finally opened my ceramic studio in the property.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: A mix between new, inherited from family, and handmade by me. Everything that’s either cozy or has an emotional meaning for us.

Inspiration: Life, nature, light, anything that makes me feel comfortable and smile. It’s classic and full of personal touches.

Favorite Element: The blue drawer in the entrance. It was previously owned by my Italian grandparents. Then I refurbished it and painted it ocean blue and put it in my daughter’s bedroom as a diaper changer when she was born. Now it is part of the main entrance — it is something that is coming from the women lineage of my family and I hope it will stay.

Biggest Challenge: To work from home and try to accommodate each space to put a distance between work and home. I have a studio where I work online and a ceramic workshop/studio where I make ceramics and give lessons. Also during lockdown it has been a huge challenge for all of us to live together 24/7, as we weren’t used to it.

Proudest DIY: My handmade lamps in ceramics.

Biggest Indulgence: A piece of art from Fernanda Cohen from the Bicentenary of Argentina

Best Advice: Change furniture from one room to the other and you will never get bored. Each four months I find myself doing it and feel my home as brand new. Make it personal.



  • Living Room — Sherwin-Williams “Satinol Light Gray”
  • Entry — Dark Gray in Entrance
  • Bedroom — Light Pink
  • Door — Carmin Red
  • Kitchen — Mid-Gray and White


  • Dresser — Inherited from my grandparents circa 1950
  • Mirror — Made by local manufacturer with a model design made by me
  • Lamp — Part of limited collection #focoenlatierra handmade by me ​Cecilia Nigro
  • Ceiling lamp — A terrarium (planter from ​Herbario​) converted to a hanging lamp
  • Blue Sculpture — “Mil hijos ultramar” ceramic sculpture made by me ​Cecilia Nigro


  • Gray sofa — Bought in 2003 from local store ​Innovation Home
  • Dark gray sofa — Second-hand bought from ​María Ge
  • Blue furniture — Inherited and repainted with chalk paint navy blue from ​Oh my chalk
  • Pink lamp — Handmade by my grandmother Maria Isabel in the ’80s
  • Little white table — ​Casa Ideas
  • Coffee table — Scandinavia vintage bought at auction ​La Maja Remates
  • Painting — Art Piece “Self” from ​Fernanda Cohen​- War of Words Series – for the Argentina’s bicentenary
  • Drawing — A serigraph from Takeshi Kitano Exhibit from Foundation Cartier pour lárt cotemporain, Paris 2010
  • Blue armchairs — Scandinavia vintage bought at auction ​La Maja Remates
  • Cushions — Hand painted and original design by ​Mercedes Segura
  • White armchair — Secondhand
  • Big bookshelf — Custom made from a local carpenter, the inspiration came from traditional Italian design
  • Carpet — From my grandma
  • Children furniture — ​Editor market
  • Wooden bookshelf — Secondhand
  • Terracota hand made chandeliers — ​By me ​Cecilia Nigro


  • Table — Inherited from my grandmother.
  • Table cloth — In celadon hand printed original design by ​Mercedes Segura
  • Chairs — ​Julio Oropel, limited design for Casa FOA 2014
  • Lamps — Handmade by me in ceramic ​Cecilia Nigro
  • Painting — Olas y el Viento from #ceramiconcanvas series made by me ​Cecilia Nigro
  • Sculpture — Mil Hijos big sculpture from “Mil Hijos” series 2014 by me ​Cecilia Nigro


  • Table — Marble and wood commissioned by us to a local carpenter
  • Tall chair — Stoke child dining chair
  • Tablecloth — Linen table path hand painted by ​Mercedes Segura
  • Fruit bowls — Handmade by me Cecilia​ Nigro



  • Sofa bed — Custom made by a local carpenter. Own design.
  • Wallpaper — ​Picnic Decor​ for ​Muresco
  • Ceiling Lamp — ​IKEA
  • Carpet — Commissioned hand-made carpet by ​Familia Avar Saracho, ​an artisan family from San Luis Province, Argentina
  • Bookcase — Secondhand
  • Grandpa bench and chair — Refurbished chair and bench made by my grandfather Giovanni in wood and iron


  • Yellow bench — Second-hand bench refurbished and painted in yellow
  • Ceramic pencil vases made — By me ​Cecilia Nigro

Thanks Cecilia!

This house tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.